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Sep 4, 2017

How To Get Ready For Plane and Car Trip Combo

Our Next Trip Is A Combo - Flight and Road Trip

Over the last couple of years we’ve done a number of plane trips, car trips, boat trips and train trips … individually! Now we’re combining a plane trip with a car trip and packing it all into 3 carry-ons! I have to note that not all airlines have free carry-on policy so check on that.

Our daughter is 3.5 and while she doesn’t require quite as much stuff, there’s still a lot to consider. Also, the reason for 2+ is that we have to purchase her a seat (no more lap child here!) the plus side: 1 more free carry on.

We’re traveling within the US but even internationally, consider these travel tips:

1. Think about what you can purchase locally at destination. Maybe there’s a super-center like Walmart or Target or a local grocery store. Maybe Amazon can deliver to the hotel. Do some research on this. Anything special or medical should be packed with you! Diapers, wipes, sunscreen and other basic things might be worth buying locally to avoid lugging stuff and checking in bags.

2. Check it at the gate. When traveling with young children, know the rules and regulations of the airline. Most will let you bring a car seat and gate-check your stroller, free of charge. Consider purchasing a cheaper booster or car seat at destination or renting it with the rental company.

3. Find multiple uses for the same item:

Toys: When we take local car trips, I bring bigger toys and anything that will entertain our kiddo (see article here on road trips). For plane travel, I also have a go to kit of smaller items (see article here on plane travel). For this trip, we’ll be using all of the plane toys across the whole trip to save space.

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Luggage and bags: Evaluate the luggage and bags you plan on taking. Do they serve multiple purposes?
» My Lowepro Sling camera bag is also a great day pack and can be used the entire trip.
» My daughter’s backpack (Brica By-My-Side Backpack) also has a harness in case we’re in crowded places
» Our Picnic Time diaper bag has a built in cooler which will be perfect for our beach days.
» All three of our carry-on Samsonite suitcases expand so I don’t have to vacuum seal everything while we’re on the road moving between hotels.
» Foldable bags and backpacks (such as these) - always take a few! They take up little space and can be super helpful on the road

4. Save money & space:
» Compact Water Bottles: We’ve started using these water bottles that take up no space but fill up pretty big. We’ve used them on cruise ships and other trips where you can’t always buy water or it costs too much.
» Ponchos: Umbrellas may look nicer, but they take up space and weight plus if you are wheeling around a stroller, there are no hands left for the umbrella. We pack several $1 ponchos in case of rain. Don’t forget a rain cover for the stroller too.
» Bug spray: Instead of bug spray, consider bug repellent bracelets. You can bring them in your carry on and they do a very effective job. Also, you can bring a tiny bottle of oil such as eucalyptus that works just as well as spray.

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