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Sep 7, 2017

Do Not Fall For These Emails From Tech Companies

Warning! Be Careful Opening Emails

Especially if it is emails from companies you are or have done business with in the past.
Since it is happening so frequently and this one almost got me, I would like to provide a warning and a heads up to all my readers...


Got another one. Please be vigilant

Just received another scam email. This one was trying to disguise as being from Apple. Unfortunately, it is not the first, and I am sure not the last one, that I will receive.

To Prevent Your Information Being Compromised:

» Please Please Please check who the emails were sent by before clicking on any of the links, buttons, and images that are contained within the email.

» The easiest way to do so is by clicking on the sender's email address on your phone.
In the case of below, it would be AppleID Inc. And as you can see from above the actual email address behind it has nothing to do with Apple.

» Check with the company that the email is supposed to be from directly. If the email is saying there is something up with your account, call or email the company client services and find out first hand before taking any action

» Find out from friends and family if they have received similar emails. These are usually sent out in batches to a large pool of emails. Hence why they are called Phishing Scam emails, as they are fishing in that pool for emails for a couple of fish that will open and click on links within the email.

» Check scam alerts from FTC to see if this type of email is a known scam - FTC Scam Alerts

 » For more in-depth information review "Common phishing scams and how to recognise and avoid them" article from

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