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Oct 23, 2017

Kimpton Brice Hotel Review: Modernistic Cool Quirky Hotel

Kimpton Brice Hotel: Modernistic Cool Quirky Hotel

In Savannah, Brice is one of the more interesting hotels where to stay. And it does have nice amenities. There is a guest-only outdoor pool with full-size pool towels. Complimentary coffee and tea in the morning and plain or lemon water throughout the day.

The hotel is eccentric. The decor definitely speaks to it. It is a mix of modern architecture with rustic undertones and antiquated books and gadgets. One of these gadgets was an old typewriter prominently displayed on a large table in the main room.


Good friendly service. We got a feel of the friendly service as soon as we pulled up to the hotel and were met by the evening valet/concierge. They were accommodating, talkative, and took care of the car and the luggage without any prompts. We were at the front desk and checking in only a few minutes. Throughout the stay, we felt the same about the rest of the staff as well.

It was not easy to find a hotel that is reasonably priced and not too far from the center of town, and not on "the wrong side of tracks." As we were looking for places to stay, we saw warnings to make sure we stay on the side of MLK Highway that was closest to the center of town. On our previous trips, we wouldn't probably care as much. But traveling with a kid, we pay attention to this kind of things.
Hotel is located close to everything, but not in the middle of it. It is within a few minutes walk to the Savannah River. Less than 10 blocks away from City Market. And right around the corner from the best lunch we had while in Savannah, B. Matthews.

Parking is also hard to come by in Savannah. The hotel does not have on-site parking, but there is a parking garage right across the street that they use. It costs around $30 per day to use the parking service.

The layout of the hotel is a bit confusing at first with lots of doors to go through. Though as we came across same in Charleston, we figured that is just how the hotels are designed in these parts.

Walls on our floor were decorated with a whole lot of butterflies, which kiddo loved. And also large pictures of horses. The rustic meets modern continued here as well as the doors were made to look like old paint, yet had modern locks.


The rooms themselves were roomy and comfortable. We had plenty of room to move around and store our stuff. The only issue with had with the room were the bathroom accommodations. In our room, the sink was separate from the toilet. This is great usually in a house with multiple rooms or in a restaurant so that you can wash up even if somebody else is using the bathroom. However, with everyone in the same room, washing hands at night was loud. And brushing teeth and so on in the morning and evening was on display with the water splashing everywhere with a three-year-old.

There is also a beautiful courtyard in the center of the hotel with comfortable benches, chairs, and tables.

The hotel is dog-friendly. The dogs are allowed just about everywhere. They also have free bikes to borrow to travel around town. They have around 6 bikes and it is first come, first serve type of service. The pool is small but was nice and clean. It is surrounded by some lounge chairs and couches.

Pacci Restaurant
The restaurant is part of the hotel. We ate there once for breakfast on our last day. The food was very good and delicious. The atmosphere in the restaurant is similar to the hotel, modern with a rustic touch. The only drawback of the restaurant was the wait. It took a long time for our food to arrive even though the restaurant was not full, and we were not the only ones.

Overall, we liked our stay here. Friendliness of the staff and great accommodations helped. If in the area again, I would book here again. This is even more so since we found a very good restaurant only a couple of blocks away from the hotel.

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