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Oct 12, 2017

Family Trip with Kid to South Carolina and Georgia - Part 2

Family Combo Trip with Flight and Road Trip


In Savannah, we stayed at Kimpton hotel. It is an eclectic yet pleasant hotel with modern decor with antique overlays.

When we got there, there was a surprise waiting for us in the room: champagne bottle and cake to celebrate our anniversary.

The is no on-site parking at the hotel, but it does have a fun and interesting valet/concierge.

In morning we returned the car. Quite an unpleasant experience with Enterprise. Their training program works too well, they become drones of the company treating customers as just numbers and nothing else.

Went to Forsyth Park

Walked around the Victorian district with Victorian style houses.
Walked back up parallel to the park through many different squares. Which broke up the walk nicely with some great and much need shades and greenery. Made our way past the Synagogue and then the cathedral. And then had an awesome cooldown break at Leopold's ice cream parlor where we had chocolate ice cream, cream and chew ice cream, and a freshly squeezed fruit fizzy.

There we hopped on for a carriage ride through the town. It ended up being a private tour as there was no one else for the ride at the time.

Next stop was the Bee Company. We sampled a whole lot of honey and played with stuff in the store.

Then walked along the river towards Waving Girl Statue and the Pirate House where we had a very seafood dinner. Kiddo fell asleep after an eventful day.

***Something new I learned on this trip: check the batteries for the travel scale before you travel and need to weight things. I have written many times about how essential a travel scale is, but now we ended up with one that is unusable due to dead batteries.

- The phone camera is a gift to parents. We can snap away. And you need to take a lot of pictures to get that great expression. We certainly did. Between our Canon 7D DSLR and the two phones, we ended up with over 2,000 pictures from the trip.

Last day in Savannah

Took a dip in the pool

Had lunch at Pacci restaurant that is within the Kimpton Hotel.

Went to the city market, much smaller and not the bazaar style that Charleston one was.
Got a cocktail. Peach ice tea with wine, a peach sangria. In Savannah, you can carry and drink open container of alcohol as long as it is within a small plastic cup. So we did just that on way to more shopping.
After the souvenir pit stops, we went to historic museums. First one was the Telfair Art Academy.

The second was the Owens-Thomas House with a tour of the house including slave quarters.
After last-minute sightseeing, we went to B. Matthews for late lunch. The food is great here. The service was impeccable. Brown rice penne was delicious. And if you are a fan of lamb meat and tzatziki sauce, the lamb gyro is a very good choice.

Then it was time to gather our things and had over to the airport. We used Uber again to get us there. Interestingly, both of our Uber drivers were transplants from the northeast.

When walking into the Savannah airport, this is what greets after you pass security. It is a very nicely decorated waiting areas with stores and eateries.

Ready for the flight. I have my HoodiePillow Travel Pillows on and kiddo is set up with a favorite cartoon on an iPad and listening with Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Part 1 - Charleston, South Carolina

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