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Dec 21, 2017

Holiday Family Travel: Christmas Village And Holiday Lights

Holiday Family Travel: Christmas Village And Holiday Lights

As December rolled around so did we. Our first holiday family trip was to Lusscroft Farms. There we visited the Turner Mansion, where every room, even the bathrooms, were adorned with Christmas decor. There was also live music and a whole lot of Holiday accessories to purchase.

After the tour of the Mansion, we got on a horse-drawn carriage for a ride around the farm. It was a fun trip and, lucky for us, it was extended even further since we had to do several detours.

The little also got on a pony ride and had a great time. We found some homemade cookies and a wine tasting. So a great time had by all.

The most recent trip was to see houses decked out in Christmas decorations and lights. There were many quite impressive houses:

There were even carolers. And hot chocolate with Snowman and Santa Clause cookies.

We did have a slight hick up as we almost lost the kids gloves. Those were the very nice and warm Kids Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mitten. We wanted to make sure we kept those so I ended up running down the block to find one that fell out of a pocket. Thankfully, it was peacefully lying on top of snow at the beginning of the block.

The rest of the time was great as we enjoyed out family holidays trip with the kiddo. The hot cocoa and running after gloves helped stay warm and checking out the sites for a few minutes more, but we were getting tired and cold and headed home.

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Unknown said...

What beautiful Christmas displays! I love driving around and finding the prettiest lights!

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