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Dec 4, 2017

My Travel For Work - Tips and Gadgets

Traveling For Work Tips and Gadgets

About a week ago, I had to travel west for work. It has been some time since I had to do the bi-coastal trip since the company has moved its headquarters to the east coast. And it was quite different from our family trips. Very different.

I flew Delta. Right before the trip, I found out that Delta lets you check-in to your flight within the Delta Mobile app. Moreover, within 24 hours if you have all of the flight info within the app, it will automatically check you in and you will get an email notification that you are all set. It was a great little feature.

At the airport, there were plugs everywhere throughout the gates. They were installed at almost every seat as well as designated areas. There were a few that were not working, though after strolling around, I did find functioning ones and juiced up my phone before the flight.

The flight was packed. The plan for the trip only came together a couple of weeks before the flight date. While I was booking my tickets, there were not many seats to choose from on the airplane. I ended up with a middle seat. On the plane, however, turned out that a couple of friends had seats in separate rows. One of them was sitting next to me and another a row behind in the aisle seat. They ask if I would switch. After checking out my seatmate on the other side and the row where the friend was, I had no problem making the switch. I was glad I did.
During the flight, I enjoyed some onboard entertainment. Read a book on my Kindle and did some work by signing up for the Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi.

During the trip, I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was a very nice hotel. The room was a good size and clean. There was water and coffee downstairs in the morning. The staff was friendly.
In the room, there were many plugs available for charging your gadgets. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the amount. However, I still used travel surge protector to plug in my essentials such as the phone. You never know what kind of shapes these plugs are and how is the wiring done.

One of the essentials that travel with my laptop is the wireless mouse. I don't like using the trackpad on my work computer as it not as accurate as using a mouse. I carry with me the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse ever time I go anywhere even if it is into a conference room in the office. The mouse has great precision, ergonomic design, small size, and a very easy plug and plays connectivity.

Nice view on the way to the office

Flying back, I dressed down in my comfy hoodie. It was nice to get away from the same office during the week and the amenities were pretty good also. However, I did miss home.

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