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Feb 26, 2018

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets - Mobile World

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel & Gadgets
 - Mobile World

Mobile World Congress is happening right now in Spain. It is an annual event where top mobile companies show off and introduce their new products and services. Unless you are a tech writer or working in one of those companies or their competitors, who cares?

While the event does not impact us, some of the announcements and products that will be unveiled is going to improve how we travel and use gadgets.

First up is the big change coming for our smartphones. 5G network is being tested and very slowly rolled out in a few areas. It is the next generation of mobile internet that is supposed to be significantly faster than the current generation. With 5G connectivity, we can expect faster speeds and ultra-low latency. It also brings the ability to connect a lot more devices at once opening up more opportunities for the internet of things (IOT) and connected cars.
What Is 5G?

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S9 is expected to be announced. Here is what you need to know about S9:
  • The new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are expected to look similar to last year's models but are reportedly going to offer better cameras, faster processors and new software.
  • Advancements in camera - enable superfast focus, enhanced slow-motion, low-light capture
  • Improved security technology - Intelligent Scan, which combines iris scanning and facial recognition, can unlock your phone and sign in to websites
  • Taking a note from Google Translate, the phone will be able to translate text in real time 
  • The prices of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will likely drop once the new models hit the market.

Virtual and augmented reality
Apple is to release ARKit 1.5 and iOS 11.3 for improved developments in Augmented Reality. AR is helpful for travel as it can provide additional information that easier to access and view. For instance, "American Airlines has developed an AR prototype that overlays real-time information on your surroundings at airport terminals. So you will be able to effortlessly find your way to a cup of coffee, the nearest restroom, and of course, your departing gate." (
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Pop-up cameras
During the show, several manufactured are showing off innovation on camera placement and design. With less space for cameras on laptops and phones with shrinking bezels, new concepts have been developed to keep the cameras within the devices. Huawei's new laptop, that looks very similar to MacBook Pro, has the camera hidden as one of the keys in the top row of the keyboard (where the function keys are). It pops up when needed, similar to old-school headlamps on a car. On a phone, it is a similar concept and the camera would pop up from top of the phone similar to flash on cameras.

Apple Reveals:
  • iOS 11.3 software updates
  • Health records system within the Health app
  • Update to its assitant, Siri
  • AirPower - charging mat that can charge multiple devices (up to three) at the same time and able to charge them without wasting energy and without requiring devices to be aligned to their own charging coil
  • AirPods to get Siri capability

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