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May 14, 2018

5 Gadgets To Help You Save Money On Family Vacation

Worried About Your Family Vacation Costs?
Here are Five Gadgets To Help You Save Money
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Guest post by Jane Isherwood, a freelance writer

With families consuming 80% of their vacation meals at restaurants, the high cost of having a family vacation doesn't come as a surprise. If you factor in aspects such as accommodation, transport, and emergency costs, families have no other choice but to start planning early for their getaways. While many people don’t have plans for investing in travel accessories in order to make room for other travel expenses, travel gadgets can actually save you money. With a few travel tips and the right choice of travel gadgets, you can effortlessly cut the cost of your family vacation.

Here are a few gadgets to help you reduce your vacation spending:

Buy a Portable Espresso Maker

Who doesn't love to kick-start their day with a cup of espresso? Coffee is an essential part of most family breakfasts. Unlike at home where you can easily brew your coffee, a vacation might call for buying the beverage. Considering the cost implications of taking coffee daily, buying coffee will increase your vacation spending. As a wise investor, you should think about purchasing a portable espresso maker and carrying it to your family vacation. This will allow you to brew your coffee in the comfort of your hotel room. In case you are worried about the lack of a kettle in your room for boiling water, you can also carry a portable coil water heater.

Portable Espresso Maker - Compact Handheld Single Shot Electric Espresso Machine

Use a Luggage GPS

Although airports have been battling with the issue of luggage mishandling through the introduction of advanced technology, it is still possible to lose your luggage in the airport. If your lost luggage is not found, this will increase your traveling expenses by having to buy new clothes and accessories. Furthermore, essential items like your credit cards might easily get lost along with your luggage making your vacation unbearable. Why not use a luggage GPS to prevent this from happening? With the help of your smartphone, you can easily track your luggage and avoid losing it.

Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder (2 Tile Mate and 2 Tile Slim)

Buy a Luggage Scale

The weight of your luggage has a significant effect on your travel costs. Considering that you will be traveling as a family, it can be challenging to identify whether your luggage will be considered as overweight or not. Instead of having to leave things to chance, you can easily measure the weight of your luggage using a luggage scale. This way, you can identify the items to get rid of and reduce your travel costs prior to getting to the airport.

Travelon Luggage Scale Micro Digital Hanging Travel Weight Portable Hook Red New

Buy a Steripen

Medical emergencies can not only ruin your vacation but also lead to increased vacation costs. Since the drinking water in some remote destinations might be too dirty to take, such areas will require you to buy water to avoid getting sick. Well, the idea of buying water every time you would love to quench your thirst can be a tad costly. The better option is to use a simple Steripen. Steripens simply use UV light to kill the germs and bacteria in drinking water and, therefore, make the water safe to drink.

SteriPen Ultra UV Water Purifier

Use a Wi-Fi Range Extender

To be honest, a great vacation is unimaginable without the internet to help you talk to friends and post the interesting pictures of your holiday on social media. While you might have a router at your hotel, its Wi-Fi is restricted to the premises. The next alternatives would be to rely on public Wi-Fi which can be rather insecure or mobile data is also costly. Furthermore, areas with free Wi-Fi like a café might increase your vacation cost by requiring you to buy items from the place. To be on the safe side, buy a Wi-Fi range extender to enjoy your Wi-Fi anywhere.

Vacations should present you with an amazing platform to reconnect as a family. However, they do not have to be too expensive. Use the above gadgets to cut your vacation costs.

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