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May 21, 2018

Wireless Earphones Review - Trial in Travel - Sbode Sports Headphones

Wireless Earphones Review - Trial in Travel -
Sbode Sports Wireless Headphones

Please note, I did receive this product free of charge for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

If you have been to this site before you know I am a huge fan of my Plantronics wireless headphone, and listen to them almost daily on my commute. I have had them for quite some time now and was wondering what new cool wireless headphones are now out there.
As we were preparing for our makeup Aruba trip, I was contacted by Sbode folks to take a look at their wireless headphones. I have not heard of the company before, though after some research it looked good and the headphones looked really nice.

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Sbode Sports Wireless Headphones review:
These headphones were very easy to set up. They have basic Bluetooth pairing where you turn on the power on the headphones and then turn on Bluetooth on your phone to discover them. Just make sure that the headphones are well charged before pairing.

It was easy to figure out most of the operations as it is one button. There are dedicated buttons for volume. This is great since on Plantronics it is the same button and to increase volume you tap it, but to decrease you have to hold down the trigger. It does not always work well or quickly.
Surprisingly, the ear pads that were already on earbuds, worked well in my ears. The earphones do come with additional pads in different sizes so that you can make them comfortable to your fit and feel.

I set up the headphones a day before our trip. I was glad for the little case it was easy to throw stuff in there and it in the bag.

I put the wireless headphones on as we were waiting to board the plane and the little one was off exploring parts of the airport and the kids' corner.

And once the kiddo passed out on the flight after all the running around we did prior to taking off, I had the headphones back on listening to some music waiting for the in-flight entertainment to be available once we reached the cruising altitude.
By the way, playing and running around with the kiddo before boarding is probably one of the best things we came up with (received a great travel tip). In her little backpack, we always have a light up ball that we can throw around and chase. It is irregular in shape so that it does not roll away too far and lights up so it is easier to find in corners and under seats.

And of course, I also tested out the wireless headphones on the beach. I was listening to music and podcasts. I was pleasantly surprised how clear they sounded even with the noise on the beach and wind. The buds fit well in the ear and so the sound came through well.

Overall, it was a good trip with the earphones. The charge lasted throughout the trip, though it was minimal usage compared to daily use for commute or workouts. The sound was good as well as the fit. Below are some features of why the wireless earphones are good for travel:

» IPX7 waterproof (Water Resistant Gadgets VS Waterproof Gadgets)
» Siri activated Bluetooth earphones
» 8-hour battery life
» Side panel on right earphone has a button to activate Siri on iPhone
» Semi-hard round travel case included
» Also included are a variety of ear tips
» Excellent sound quality, especially the midrange and treble
» Can be connected with two devices Simultaneously.
» Super quick charge time of only 1.5 hours
» Up to 8 hours music playing time
» High fidelity sound quality with selectable EQs to provide deep bass and crystal clear treble.

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