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Jun 11, 2018

Travel News - Gadget Related - June

Travel News - Gadget Related - June

Hotel Travel
Hilton Adds Free Showtime Streaming To Connected Rooms

Apple Working on Touchless Control and Curved iPhone Screen
Apple is working on “touchless gesture control” which would allow iPhone users to “perform some tasks by moving their finger close to the screen without actually tapping it.

Autonomous Driving
Embark CEO says autonomous driving is the only way we’ll get to zero fatalities

California Scraps Safety Driver Rules for Self-Driving Cars
The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles said Monday that it was eliminating a requirement for autonomous vehicles to have a person in the driver’s seat to take over in the event of an emergency.

Ford is setting up for an autonomous ride-hail and delivery business in Miami

Smart Luggage
Smart Luggage Pioneer Bluesmart Shuts Down
Bluemart was one of the early pioneers in smart luggage. They got their start with a very successful crowdfunding campaign for its high-tech suitcase. And the carry-on case received a lot of positive press from bloggers and others once it officially launched. It is sleek looking and has a unique tech advance design. However, Bluesmart hit a major roadblock when several US airlines banned luggage with non-removable lithium batteries. The suitcase instantaneously became useless $300+ luggage.
Even Bluesmart's latest and updated model still didn’t have a removable battery, which showed that the company had no idea the change was coming.
Faced with slumping sales, angry customers, and a product that was obsolete before it even shipped, the company had to shut down. Fortunately for Bluesmart, it was able to sell some of the assets to luggage company TravelPro.

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Another smart luggage maker shutters in the wake of airline ban
Two weeks after Bluesmart called it quits, another smart luggage maker is pulling the plug. New York-based travel startup Raden posted a note (spotted by The Verge) on its site announcing that the company is “no longer in operation.”

Did you know?
As of January 15, baggage with removable installed lithium batteries ("smart luggage") must be carried as carry-on baggage or the battery must be removed. With the battery removed the bag can be checked-in. If the battery cannot be removed, the bag is forbidden for carriage.
Restrictions on lithium batteries from FAA(pdf)
Travel Tips from TSA: Safely Packing Batteries for Your Trip

NYC paves the way for pedal-assist bike-sharing
pedal-assist bicycles that can help cyclists travel longer distances and more easily climb steep hills

Skyscanner adds train travel booking, starting in the UK
The ability to search and book rail tickets (without booking fees) is intended to capture more of UK travelers

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