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Jun 4, 2018

Travel Local - Kid-Friendly Family Travel To PA and NJ

Travel Local - Kid-Friendly Family Travel To PA and NJ(click to tweet)

We took a Friday off and took a trip slightly south to Philadelphia and New Jersey. We were looking to avoid a lot of the crowds, however, the weather didn't really help that as it was cloudy and rainy the entire weekend. And so a few people had the idea of taking their kids indoors for fun activities. However, according to some of the attendants at the venues, these were not the number of people they would expect on a May weekend.

We visited the Please Touch Children’s Museum for the first time. My kid loves children’s museums and so do we. We have been so far in every children museum in the tri-state area plus Connecticut. It’s just so much fun and the kids can touch and play with everything! Whoever invented the first children’s museum was brilliant, since it is a great place for kids to learn, play, run around and get their energy while more or less contained within one area. Another venue on the agenda was the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.

Before we hit any of these attractions, on the first day that we drove up we grab a cheesesteak and chicken tenders at Sonny's.

Afterward, we took a walk to Penn Landing. In the evening it was lit up with all kinds of different colors. It was a warm and dry night, with rains ending earlier, and a light breeze by the water made for a nice stroll.

During our trip, we stayed at the Sheraton hotel. We scored great rates for it on Priceline and when we got there we had a hunch as to why. There was a conference happening at the hotel and most of the rooms were likely booked by attendees minus a few. We saved quite a bit of money booking it this way and stayed at a nice hotel in a very good location. It was a few blocks from Penn Landing. We have never bought through Priceline before nor booked hotels this close to departure date as we usually like to plan ahead. Additionally, we saved some more bucks through some research by parking in a nearby parking lot instead via hotel. Sheraton is charging $50 per night for parking, and the parking lot that was just around the corner from the hotel cost us $22 a night, which is a savings of $56 over two nights' stay.

First up on our itinerary was the Please Touch Museum. We ended up saving money her as well. Thanks to some discoveries by my wife while checking into the hotel, we save 20% off of admission with a postcard we picked up at the front desk. We also saved on parking as there was plenty of parking right in front of the museum on the road in the morning. The distance to the entrance was about the same from the parking lot and our spot.

Please Touch Museum

The next day we were off to Camden and the Adventure Aquarium. It was raining out once again, but with planning, it was a short drive for us across the river to the destination. We pre-purchased the tickets to the aquarium online which was awesome since even though we arrived early, there was a large line for tickets. Instead, we walked around the corner to the entrance and went through a quick security check and we were in.
Once there, we decided to go a bit against the grain. The sections of the aquarium are divided by letters of the alphabet, A, B, C, D. Instead of following the sequence, we started with section D. This section has the hippopotamus and the sharks exhibit. It was a good choice. We got to the hippo exhibit 10 minutes before feeding time so we got to see one of them swim around and grab a great vista point. During the feeding, we discovered that they are fed various green leafy vegetation and Iceberg lettuce is one of their favorites.

The shark exhibit took up an entire section. There were multiple different displays and tanks. One of the main attractions is the Shark Tunnel. Not only different type of sharks swim on either side of the tank, but they also swim right over the top of you.

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