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Aug 29, 2018

Weekend Family Travel: Ice Cream Flight, Sunflowers, Peaches Galore, Calves Bottle Feeding

Weekend Family Travel: ICE CREAM!!!(click to tweet)

Summer is coming to a close. There is only one week left until Labor Day and things start to close down for the colder months. How can you capture the last few weeks of summer and have fun with your family?
On the brighter note, the weather is still hot and there is plenty to do. This weekend we headed out to visit some farms and enjoy the outdoors.

Since it was warm out and the car ride was getting to everyone, we stopped for some refreshments, ie ice cream. I love ice cream, it is well-known fact. During the summer one of the best past times for us is getting an ice cream cone and walking around taking in the sights and enjoying the delicious cool dessert.
At this particular farm, they make their own ice cream and they have many different flavors. The one we were looking forward to trying is the peach ice cream. While waiting for our turn to order, we noticed that they offer flights of ice cream for "kids." I initially joked that we should get that and try several of the interesting flavors. Well, as you can see below, we ended up getting 5 scoops of ice cream to sample.

Getting ready to enjoy my first ever flight of homemade ice cream

The Ice Cream Flight. Flavors included Peaches & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Buttermilk Blueberries Truffle, Cookies & Cream (vegan), and Blackberries & Cream.

We have taken pictures before of a sunflower field, but we have not been in the field nor done a sunflower maze until this trip. It was a colorful experience and we got some nice shots. While it was nice out with a breeze, the sunflower fields were inclosed by trees on all four sides creating almost a greenhouse-like effect. It was very hot in the field.

Dinner and chill

Peach Picking

While apples and pears are not fully ripe yet, turned out late August is the best time to go peach picking. We went to an orchard to do just yet. Previously, we went apple picking and inadvertently found some peach trees with just a couple of peaches left. This time we found trees full of peaches from hard not yet riped to those that are so soft and so ripe that they were falling off the trees on their own. And we did find some ripe apples as well while picking peaches. We ended up with a half a bushel of peaches.

Did you know:
One bushel = about 50 pounds of peaches. Half a bushel is about 25 pounds of peaches.

That is a lot of peaches. We had quite a few the day we picked them and looking forward to having more fresh ones. And even more looking forward to peach cobbler and/or peach pie that my wife will be baking. Around 30% of the peaches will be frozen for future use in various baking and drinks.

Half a bushel of peaches


Last stop of the weekend was the free-roaming petting zoo. Besides all of the cute baby pigs, goats, and rabbits, the main attraction was bottle feeding the baby cows. The kiddo loved all of it. And so did the grown-ups. We got to hold little piggies. They were squealing when first picked up but then calm down as a newborn baby. A few months ago, in my office building, they actually brought in baby pigs as a therapeutic break. It was definitely fun being around all of these free-roaming animals and feeding them. They either play around, butt heads between themselves as some of the goats did, or chase you for some feed. There were also a donkey, Alpacas, a hog, geese, and sheep.

While all of the farms and activities were at a cost, it is a relatively cheap family weekend getaway. It would most likely be less, even with food, than most tourist or weekend vacation spots.
Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on where to go this weekend with the family.

Let us know how you are spending your next few weekends

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