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Sep 13, 2018

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: DS Destiny Show, Drive-In Movie, & Games

Family Travel Ideas From Our Trips

Past weekend was a complete flip of the weather. It went from hot and humid 90 degrees Fahrenheit to mid-60s and rain. Even with that sudden change, we traveled.

Based on some reviews on social media we got tickets to check out the light show, DS Destiny. While I had my doubts at first and thought it was going to be one of those laser light shows with barely anything visible, I was very glad we went. It was an impressive show made from light projections. The entire room, which was very large, transformed into a completely different world. The show did take us on a journey as described. The light technology during the show created images that fully immersed you into the experience. Additionally, prior to the show, they prime you for the adventure with interactive exhibits. Next, to light displays around the room there were stands where you insert a ticket with received at the entrance with a QR code. Once inserted, the display reacts to it and various parts light up. Our kid loved it and ran around to every one of these boxes to turn on all of them.

The following day we traveled north to a drive-in theater in Warwick, NY. This was going to be the first time ever that the kiddo would be watching a movie on the big screen. And if you have a young child or children and thinking about taking them to the movies, try a drive-in. We love going to the movies, but we were apprehensive about taking her to one as her attention span is still shorter than the length of the movie. Plus she is likely to fidget, want a snack, and talk during. At a drive-in, she could do all of that without distracting any other movie goers.

The movie we saw was the Incredibles 2. Mom and dad have been wanting to watch this movie, so we primed her by watching the original Incredibles. She loved the movie, so we knew there would be a good chance she will like this one as well and pay more attention. it was a very good sequel, fun for the entire family. And we had a blast tailgating from our car, enjoying food and snacks, and the fresh air.

On the way to the movie theater, we stopped in to get ice cream at the Bellvale Farms Creamery. Last time we were here was about 7 years ago. The ice cream is very good and homemade. The place has become so popular since, that even in the rain and chilly temperatures, there was a crowd of people that stopped by to get ice cream.

The weather continued to be rainy and chilly the next day as well. We decided to take our entertainment indoors and went to an arcade place where they have mini bowling, golf, arcade games, and a bunch of other games for all ages

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