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Oct 16, 2018

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Big Apple Circus, Apple Picking, Farm Fun

Family Travel Ideas - Apple Picking and Circus Fun

Autumn is slowly rolling in bring with it a whole lot of cloudy and drizzly days. We were optimistic this weekend due to original weather forecast from midweek and took a weekend family road trip.

On Saturday, we took our kid to her first ever circus. Big Apple Circus was in town and they have set up a huge tent for the show as it used to be back in the days. When I was little, that was the only way to see the circus, under the big top. So this definitely brought back some memories. For the troupe, this was a dress rehearsal with an audience for their big show coming end of the month at the Lincoln Center.
As we were getting closer to the date for us to see the circus, there were rumors that there are no animals or a lot fewer animals, then there used to be at a circus. This is due to recent regulations regarding use and abuse of animals. And that was true. There were no elephants, tigers, bears, and such. There were horses of all different sizes, dogs that did some great tricks, and pigs.
The performance was great, we all enjoyed the show. During each act, though, there were hiccups. A dropped box, a ball that didn't make it into the basket, a horse that ran away and then a dog that ran away. These things actually made it more entertainment as the performers tried again and the crowd was fully behind them. The biggest error came in the last act. It was the flying trapeze act. The main guy was attempting a triple flip flying jump before being caught. They tried it a couple of times, but neither worked. Though to make it even worse, on the show finally there were multiple performers flying through the air, being caught, and then flipped onto a swing to return onto the platform. One of the ladies could not get back on the platform, she kept trying and trying. And because she was still holding on to one of two swings the next guy, star of the show, could not grab onto it and ended up falling into the safety net. It was not a good night for her, she likely got some talking to afterward.

One of the clowns "selling" brussels sprouts :)

The following day we went apple picking at a farm where we also picked peaches. It was a gorgeous drive with crisp air and leaves starting to change their colors.
While it was a bit cloudy, the sun picked out and also reflected off of the clouds. We made sure to take our shades with us and that the kiddo was wearing her sunglasses as well to protect her eyes. Her sunglasses were bright colored so that she likes them and can wear at least for a bit and can be found easily.

While quite a few folks opted to wait for the tractor to take them to the orchards, as we already knew the terrain from getting lost during peach picking, we decided to take a mini hike up to the apple trees. We figured it would be nice to walk and will take a ride back once we have a huge bag of apples in our hands. We were glad we walked as we got to pick trees and take tons of pictures with no one around as they were all bunched up in one area where the tractor dropped them off. We sampled and gathered a whole lot of varieties of apples.

The neighboring farm to our apple picking had animals for petting and playing with including a plump turkey, pony rides, and looked at some pumpkins.
Kiddo was wearing her rain boots by Crocs so that she can easily navigate muddy terrain and walk around the animal pan with no worry of getting her shoes dirty. Crocs rainboots can be easily washed. They are also very light and comfortable and she likes wearing them and even running in them.

We finished off the day with a dinner and a view

The next day we went to another farm where we met Zulu the Zonkey. He is a combination of a zebra and a donkey. At this one we not only looked but also did some pumpkin picking and saw migrating birds. All signs of the fall season. Plus, for the first time for all of us, we went through a corn maze, and I had Ice Cream!

How are you and your family greeting the season? Travel plans for the fall?

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