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May 5, 2019

Mother's Day Travel Gift Ideas For Jet-Setting Mom

Mother's Day Travel Gift Ideas

Who does most of the packing for travel? Who gets everyone ready? Who puts together the packing list and gets most of the items on it packed? Who makes sure everyone has their cloth picked out and they are clean for travel?
The answer to most of these questions is most frequently, mom. This Mother's Day make her travel-ready with below travel gift ideas

Take along hundreds of books without the weight or need for a bookmark

Great for car trips and entertainment

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Portable External Battery Charger
All the devices need to remain charged up to be used during travel. A battery charger with lots of juice would keep your mom's gadgets going throughout the trip.

Fitness Smartwatch

Noise-Canceling, Sweatproof Earbuds

A Personal Assistant Smart Hub
While this is not a device you take traveling, it can help with trip planning and booking and much more

Insulated Travel Mug

On the Go Cutlery
While stainless steel cutlery has been the go-to for travel and camping since it is reusable and easy to transport, this type of cutlery is heavy and can really drag your bag down. Reusable bamboo cutlery set from TheOtherStraw is lightweight and comes with a cutlery bag making it easy to grab and take with you on the go. A sustainable, reusable gift that won't go to waste.

Fashion Backpack for Women
For travel around the city or on a longer track sightseeing, backpacks provide much better comfort than smaller bags and purses. They provide convenience, the hands-free so you are not worrying about dropping your phone, and not hurting your shoulders. And they don't have to look like a school bag with offers from top fashion brands that your mom would love:

Moms are overworked and deserving of some much-needed R&R. So go travel, take a gadget, and honor your mom on this day and throughout the year.

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