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Apr 29, 2019

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Day On The Intrepid

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: The Intrepid Sea & Space Museum

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Over the weekend, we took a trip to the Intrepid Sea and Space Museum. Intrepid is an aircraft carrier built during World War II and has been docked in the New York harbor and is now a fixed museum that includes the ship, planes on its top deck, and space exploration exhibit. The excursion was interesting for the kiddo as well as us. There was a lot to learn and see throughout the ship and at the dock. The admission price includes the Space exhibit and the submarine.

We started our trip through the museum from the top down. We took an elevator up to the deck where many different types of Navy planes and helicopters are on display. There were F-15/16 fighters, a Bomber, Navy helicopters, and even Russian MiG planes, MiG 9 and MiG 15

Travel tip: Intrepid is located on the water. No matter what the forecast predicts, and it is often incorrect, bring and wear layers. It might get chilly on top deck if it is windy and down below the indoors might feel cool and slightly damp.

Intrepid Museum

View from the Intrepid

Across from the Intrepid, there is a World War II submarine docked that can be explored as well. Submarine Growler is the only American guided missile submarine. It is one of less than a handful of submarines there were built for the first time to carry a nuclear missile. The submarines were later redesigned for better and larger carrying capacity. The self-guided tour takes you through a lot of the areas of the submarine including crew quarters, navigation, engine room, and the torpedo room. Periscope, used by the captain of the submarine, was awesome to see and check out as it is what you would expect and often see in the movies. Travel tip: Ask an attendant that is usually situated within the compartment for some very interesting information about the periscope and operations.

Music player onboard the submarine, ie what iPod used to look like


Planes below the deck on the Intrepid
On one of the lower levels, there is a large hanger where planes can be stored and services before they are brought up to the top deck for taking off.

You can view more information about the museum and book your own trip on They currently have a deal on Free Fridays
Beginning April 26, the Intrepid Museum will open its doors select Friday nights for FREE from 5:00pm–9:00pm!

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