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Sep 30, 2019

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Apple Picking & Town Sightseeing

Weekend Family Travel: Apple Picking & Town Sightseeing

September is the start of fall. This year so far the weather has been nice and warm and only slightly chilly. A perfect time to go for some apple picking.

We took a road trip upstate this time to pick some apples and take a look at the early changing of the leaves. On the drive, there were not that many trees that have colorful leaves. A lot of them were still quite green. It still made for some great views. Higher up north, the changes started to be more noticeable.
Did you know? The fall foliage season starts first up north and moves its way down south. It makes sense as it gets colder there much earlier so the trees are getting ready for snowy weather sooner.

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The farm we went to was in Fishkill and the name Fishkill Farms. By the time we got there, about a half-hour after the farm opened, there were already quite a bit of people there. We have never been to this farm before but always looking to check out and experience new places and find great apples.

Once you get there you have an option to park in the first parking lot and take a hayride down to the orchard. That sounded fun, so we opted for that. Next to the large parking lot, there are few barn houses that are actually stores for produce as well as sandwiches, donuts, ice cream, and more. There are actually turned out to be almost a small town there on one farm with the number of stores and people that were there.

The hayride was fun, though packed, even with two trailers. I ended up standing which was also fun with the slight breathe blowing in when we were on the way. The stop we got off turned out to be one of the best choices we made. Next to that stop were our favorite varieties of apples and we filled out almost half of the bag with those. We wanted to leave space for other varieties as there are quite a few on-premises. In hindsight, it was a good thing we didn't leave that much space as we were not as much of the fans of the other apples, even the certified organic ones.

After apple picking and even after sampling quite a few apples, we were all famished. Our next stop was the town of Beacon. We drove the Main street and looked up some places to eat on Yelp. A place came up that sounded great to us, Royal Crepes (@RoyalCrepesBeacon). They did not disappoint. The savory crepes were delicious and full of substance and flavor. The sweet crepe that we got for all of us as a dessert was filled with berries and Kiddo loved its sweetness.

On the way to find the crepe place we actually ended up walking in the wrong direction. And while it took a bit longer to get to lunch, it turned out to be a great detour. During the walk, we discovered a waterfall and right next to it a restaurant with outdoor seating. If not for the mistake, we would have never known about it. We made a note of the name and made reservations there for dinner later in the day. The restaurant is called RoundHouse and the food and the views were terrific.

After lunch, we took a stroll through town. One of the great places right on Main street is the Hudson Beach Glass. Not only is it a store of various different things made by hand out of glass, but there is also a studio right next door where you can watch the various vases, balls, and bowls being made. We got to check out a glassblower at work.

We walked a bit more around Main street stopping in a few stores to check our local wares and kids' toys and games. It was awesome weather and a nice trip out of town. While it unlikely that we will back to the farm as it was too crowded for our tastes, we loved the area.

A brief history of the American Road Trip:

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