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Nov 25, 2019

Disney Plus and How To Use For Travel With Kids

Disney Plus and How To Use For Travel With Kids
Or Without

I was a holdout. We did not subscribe to streaming services when a few came out. We do have Amazon Prime, and so automatically are subscribed to Prime Video. So we have one streaming service, though it is not stand-alone. There are a lot of other benefits to having Amazon Prime.

Until Disney+ ...

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When I first heard about Disney's streaming service I subscribed to be notified when it will ready to launch. The offerings that were listed as part of the services looked great. A huge selection from classic and new Disney movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Great selections for kids and kids at heart. I have no problems admitting that I love Disney movies and not interested just for Marvel movies and series.

Got fed up
We try to watch television in the evenings when we do have time as a family. Hence, we try to narrow down shows that we can watch that would be appropriate for our kiddo also. Most of these shows are on Disney owned ABC channel, though a few are on some others. The shows have been mostly kid-friendly, through from time even these shows include topics and language that should not be appropriate for the rating. Though this now the world we live in and our kids are exposed to this kind of language at other places.
The part that really got us about cable shows is the ads. While we are watching a show that is appropriate for the younger audiences, all of a sudden there are ads for shows with blood, shooting, some gore, and zombies. Why? This day and age, with television being an older medium, you would think the ad targeting would be a lot better. I work in advertising and I know about audience segmentation and targeting based on various factors. This a terrible way to spend adverting dollars. Yes, there are adults watching the TV with kids, but there are KIDS watching.

In conclusion of my rant on terrible cable network experience, this and great line up of movies and shows what got us to try out Disney+

(Image credit: Disney+)

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Disney+ And Travel

+ Streaming service from Disney offers a huge library of movies and shows. This is great for travel as you can enjoy a lot of the content and entertainment on the go

+ Disney+ app has a simple design and is easy to use. Moreover, using the app you can download any movie or show

+ View content offline. Unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices

+ No ads. At least for now. Since you are paying for the service and there are no levels, you get all of the content ad-free. No more fearing that an ad with creatures, blood, gore, or other inappropriate content showing up.

+ You can get Disney Plus bundle that includes both Hulu and ESPN+, all for $12.99 per month, for even more on the go entertainment

+ Abundance of Pixar films is available from Toy Story to Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles

+ Supported across a multitude of devices including Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android

+ If you have a bit older kids, 30 seasons of The Simpsons are now streaming on Disney+. And, they’re all downloadable.

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