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Nov 25, 2019

Disney Plus and How To Use For Travel With Kids

Disney Plus and How To Use For Travel With Kids
Or Without

I was a holdout. We did not subscribe to streaming services when a few came out. We do have Amazon Prime, and so automatically are subscribed to Prime Video. So we have one streaming service, though it is not stand-alone. There are a lot of other benefits to having Amazon Prime.

Until Disney+ ...

Mar 3, 2016

Amazon Prime - Why I Use It For All My Travel and Gadget Needs

Why Amazon Prime? - it's useful for the price

Why I use it and continue to use for all my travel and gadget needs:

Prime account gives free 2-day shipping. And that is just one of many great features.
Other benefits of membership:
  • Streaming music
  • Movies and shows
  • Free, or discounted, kindle books
  • Borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library
  • Free Photo storage
  • First dibs on daily and holiday deals
Free Shipping
Just about anything you order, there are some exceptions related to seller set up, will be delivered to your pre-selected address within two days. Even on weekends. Depending on your location, can be delivered on Sunday. It makes it convenient for regular purchases for things you might need or want. Though makes it even better for ordering stuff while you are packing for a trip. Unless you are last last minute packer, you would be able to receive and pack anything you are missing with the fast shipping. In some areas they also have same day delivery and you can get last-minute travel items such as sunscreen and towels.

prime music page
Need some music to listen at work or home or while exercising? Amazon music has radio stations you can listen to by genre or by artist. You can also download the music on your device to listen when you are not online. And you can create your own playlists to mix and match different sounds.

Prime Instant Video
There are no latest movies, but there is a large selection of movies to stream that have been out in circulation for a bit. There are also many new and older episodes of shows that you can binge on. Amazon also has its own shows it has produced and that have been nominated for awards. All this is included in Prime membership.

As a member, every month, we also get a selection of books from which we can choose one to read for free. Plus you have access to many more kindle books at discounts.

Join Amazon Prime - Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime - Start Free Trial Now

During lighthing deals or sales, such as the Black Friday week, Prime members get a head start on getting the deal and savings. Such as the example below:

Photo Storage
You get secure unlimited photo storage with your Prime membership. And that is a lot of storage considering it is included in the overall price of the membership. The upload is pretty quick. And they are adding new features, such as folder sorting, all the time. You can upload your photo on the site, via a mobile app, or a desktop app. And you can access your photos also either on your phone, computer, or tablet.
Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Sound-off: Have you tried Prime? What do you think? Let us know below

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Sep 30, 2015

How to Get Your Phone and Tablet Travel Ready

How to Get Your Phone and Tablet Travel Ready

Clear Out Apps

Apps can make your phone or tablet be a lot more useful. Some of these I use on daily basis, some weekly, and other rarer. And then there were some that I barely, if at all, has used. All apps take up space and some a lot more than others. I have plenty of great apps from travel and utilities to productivity and games, but they can fill up available space that can be utilized for photos, videos, and notes.
Going through apps on your device and determining which are still good and which take up too much memory, would help to create extra storage space for your next trip.

Travel Gadgets