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Apr 6, 2020

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Phone

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Phone

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Disinfectant wipes won't damage your phone's screen, but there are household chemicals you need to avoid when cleaning your phone.

Apple says it's OK to clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes

Cleaning tips that apply to all Apple products (via

» Use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items.
» Avoid excessive wiping, which might cause damage.
» Unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables.
» Keep liquids away from the product, unless otherwise noted for specific products.
» Don't get moisture into any openings.
» Don't use aerosol sprays, bleaches, or abrasives.
» Don't spray cleaners directly onto the item.
» Do not apply liquid solutions directly to your phone; they should be carefully applied to a microfiber cloth instead.

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Disinfect your phone from Google or Samsung's Galaxy
To disinfect your phone, including your screen, you can use ordinary household disinfecting wipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol-based wipes. Don’t use wipes that have bleach.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that hand sanitizers containing at least 60 percent alcohol have been shown to be effective at eliminating germs and defeat viruses. Using 70% of alcohol-based wipes should effectively disinfect your smartphone.

If you have a protective shield on your phone, such as the theses phone case with a screen protector, you may be able to clean your phone even easier with plain old soap and water. Per the CDC soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers at removing certain kinds of germs.

CDC considers smartphones a "high-tough" device, and it recommends cleaning these types of products every day. Use a household cleaning spray or wipe, according to the label instructions.

While hydrogen peroxide is one of the disinfectants that can be used to kill the coronavirus as per EPA, it is not recommended for electronic devices with a screen. Hydrogen peroxide along with ethanol can ruin the oleophobic coating on a device, which is what keeps the surface smooth and able to repel fingerprint.

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