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Apr 20, 2020

Travel Gadget Invention Turned Into At Home Gadget

Travel Gadget Invention Turned Into At Home Gadget

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I was looking to invent a travel gadget that would help out commuters holding their coffees AND phones at the same time and in the same hand. Leaving one hand free to hold on to the rails. While the concept was solid and the initial feedback, from family, was positive, the gadget did not fully hold up once I put a prototype together.
The phone held well, however, the weight of the phone and the holder outweighed the coffee once it was halfway through. The balance was thrown off and it was harder to hold onto the setup from that point on. This made it less of a convenience and therefore no longer helpful.

After standing around for a while on a shelf, this contraption became useful again during the quarantine and school closures. With kiddo staying at home, all of the classes and learning went online. One such class that she started doing over the Internet was art.

The class is via Zoom and the teacher can see her doing the project over the video communication and can show her the steps of what to do into the camera. However, what we ran into is that the teacher could not really see what she was drawing. Especially with paint, she could not just lift up the drawing and show it to the teacher.

We came up with a solution of using two cameras. And another gadget that was collecting dust came in very handy, one of our old smartphones. It was still fully functioning, just the battery on it is crap and needs to be plugged in at all times or it will lose charge. For this task, it worked well.

We mounted the phone on the holder contraption with the camera pointing at the table with the drawing. And the phone also connected to the same Zoom meeting so its screen appeared to the teacher and she could see everything the kiddo was doing on the table.

To keep the phone charged during the class without it dying and without having a long cord, we plugged into the Anker portable charger

This is what the setup looks like:

These photos do have a Voss bottle within the cupholder. It was one of the few things that could counterbalance the holder and the phone.

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