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May 18, 2020

Travel Accessory Of The Month - Silica Gel Packets & They Are Free

Travel Accessory Of The Month -
Silica Gel Packets & They Are Free

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Silica gel packets come inside boxes of many deliveries, especially of electronic devices, gadgets, and...
They are given to you for free. Most throw these out with the box. We started to keep and collect them.

Instead of throwing the packets out, we are reusing them within the shelves where we store electronics and storage where we have our gadgets. Silica gel packs are great at absorbing moisture and keeping out and protecting all of our devices.

You can also buy silica gel packets in case you need more or have not had any recent deliveries and want to follow through on these tips. 5 Gram "Dry & Dry" Silica Gel Packets

You can use silica gels during travel. They are great for throwing in the corners of your travel luggage to keep the moisture out. They take up no space and are very light. This is great when you are traveling and also when you are storing the suitcases. And silica gels help the contents of your bag dry faster. This could prevent smells and mold from forming.

Another use for the moisture-absorbing packets is with headphones. Your over-ear headphones may be a bit warm when you tuck them back into their carrying case after listening to music or watching a movie. And if there’s any humidity in the air, it would also be inside the case. Utilizing silica gel packets, you can stop odor-causing bacteria from brewing. Along the same line, you can use these packets in a camera bag and with lenses and other camera equipment.

6 Ways To Use Silica Gel Packets
» #6 was new to me, and will be trying it out

Additionally, you can use silica gel packets to save your phone from water damage. Since they absorb moisture very well, they would be similar to putting your phone in rice. Except you would not have to waste rice or have it all over the place. Just put the phone in a Ziploc bag filled with silica gel packets and leave it there for a few days.

Silica gels can also be added to shoes or boots if they are wet when it’s time to store them. Just add a few silica gel packets inside of them. During travel, keep your jewelry moisture-free with a few silica packets in the jewelry travel case.
Are silica gel packets allowed on planes?

Silica gel packets are non-toxic and chemically inert. (They are toxic if ingested, so make sure no one does that.) Small packets of silica gel in checked-in or carry-on luggage would be fine going through checkpoints and on the plane. Just do not pack a huge bag of silica, as that might raise flags.

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