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Dec 14, 2020

Travel Themed Subscription Boxes - Universal Yums

Travel Subscription Boxes for the Family

I have seen quite a few different subscription boxes and a few related to travel. There are those that are for kids and those for families. They come in different shapes, sizes, categories. It’s always a gamble whether or not you’ll like what’s inside any of them. 
And that is one of the reasons we have not subscribed to one before.  That and the fact that they tend to be expensive once added on to the monthly spend. With the pandemic and the lack of traveling, we were looking for something to satisfy our need for exploration and experiences. A subscription box concept was a great idea as it exposed us to new countries and various products from the culture. We can experience them without leaving our doorstep. 

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What Is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box delivers all kinds of cool and interesting things usually on a monthly basis directly to the final consumer. Most boxes offer a range of delivery frequency options for you to choose from as well.

After checking out reviews and some posts from folks on social media, we subscribed to the Universal Yum box. Once a month they send over a box filled with all kinds of snacks from the country of the month. You don't really know what country it is going to be so it is a wonderful surprise each time you open the box. I say you really don't know as there are hints at what it can be. With each box, you also get to vote on the next country out of the 3 pre-selected. So the guessing is narrowed down to just those few. Plus, there are hints online from others that might have received a box earlier in the month. If you would rather not know or want to ruin the surprise, don't check out related streams on social sites. Universal Yums makes an announcement of which country you’ll receive in the next shipment on their Facebook or Instagram page at beginning of the month. It is still a surprise what you receive each time as not everyone gets exactly the same snacks. Yum Yum has quite a collection of treats and only some make it into the monthly box. 

The subscription has already been worth it after two boxes. 
It is very exciting to get a box filled with goodies that might not be available where you are. 
The snacks coming in handy especially now when everyone is home and needs something throughout the day to munch on. 

For the kids, they get exposed to a whole new country, culture, and even ingredients. Our first box from Colombia. My kid surprised us by knowing that the country was located in South America. There were chips, crackers, cookies, chocolates, and other candies that particular to the region. Not all of them were to our tastes. Though some we really loved. I really liked the Fruity Penguin Gummies, maybe a bit too much. I had at least half the bag. We also liked the white chocolate Cookies & cream clusters, passion fruit lollipops were quite exquisite, milk chocolate nougat bar, and dulce de leche wafers. We were not huge fans of bacon & lime chips, though I really wanted to like them, and mayo chips. 

yum box

yum box family

When you receive your box, a sticker on the box reveals the country with a hint. Open the box and the map across the top will affirm the region. The food box also comes with a booklet filled with various facts about the country as well as nutritional facts and descriptions of the snacks. There are three types of boxes:
  • Yum Box – 5+ snacks in the box, with basic booklet – $15 per month
  • Yum Yum Box -10+ snacks in each box, with complete booklet (including recipes, trivia, and games) – $25 per month
  • Super Yum Box – 18+ snacks in this box, with complete booklet same as in the Yum Yum Box – $39 per month
To start, we opted for the Yum Box. Though considering how quickly some of the snacks vanish, we might need the Yum Yum Box. 

The second box we received was filled with snacks from Italy. In this box, our favorite were amarettini cookies, ketchup potato chips, chips with truffle oil, and hazelnut milk chocolate bar. Here we were also surprised as the kiddo really liked the chips with truffle. She is not a big fan of mushrooms but does have a sophisticated taste for the oil
I like ketchup and would put it on just about everything, so chips with ketchup were my favorite and I was wondering how come I have not heard of them before and why are they are not being sold in more places. We were not fans of tiramisu cream milk chocolate balls and definitely not of lemon & pepper taralli. But it was great to try these snacks and have the tastebuds experience something new. 

From the book, I learned an interesting fact. Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world. I was under the impression that it was France. Live and learn and travel. 

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