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Dec 21, 2020

Travel Décor Ideas For Your Home To Fill The Temp Void

Bring Travel To You While You Cannot Travel

Travel has taken a backseat to staying at home and staying safe this year. Staycations are now even closer to home. This does not mean that traveling is any further in our minds. We are still dreaming and planning for trips to come. And while you are on at-home-staycation, you can enjoy the variety of travel at your home

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One of the best ways to create a travel mood at your home is through photos. There is nothing better than looking back at some great trips and places that you have visited and explored. You can do that by setting up a travel slideshow on a digital photo frame. You used to have to load your photos on an SD card and plug that into the frame to get slides. While the frames that use memory cards are still available, there are now digital frames that can pull in your collection of photos via Wi-Fi. You can email the photos directly to the frame to be displayed!

WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Display your travel and various destination through travel wall art. It can be a canvas that is pulled over a frame to create a great display piece that jumps out. We got ours through

Another way to decorate is with travel photo albums. You can place these on a coffee table to view or set them up as display pieces. We love looking through our albums for the year. It helps you realize just how much you have done, seen, and experienced in 365 days. Taken one a time, it does not seem like a lot. However, this yearly review, shows just how much we traveled. 

We also have a tradition of making a travel calendar for the following year with all of the photos we took on our travels from the current year. It is a great way to view favorite photos and each month is a different one from a different trip.
If there is a high-resolution picture of your most favorite place that you have taken or have downloaded, you can create a wall mural or wallpaper with it. is one of the companies that can make it happen.

Travel wall decals with favorite quotes are awesome. If I had space, I would definitely put these up. I love the one below, it is one of the better travel quotes and captures the wanderlust.

Pillows are another decorative piece in your living space that can be travel themed.

Sitting on top of the world. Carpet with the map of the world printed on them is a great piece for large and small spaces.

Travel themed coasters.  We have quite a few of these on our bar and throughout. One of the best sets we got was the one that each coster looks like a mini photo frame. It comes in a wooden frame with glass in the middle. The glass is removable and you can cut out and place a picture from your trip into it. This way anytime you use it to sip on a nice drink at home, you will be reminded of your travels. You can put in pictures of your family and such also, but I find it strange to place my drink every time on someone's face, maybe just me. 

This picture frame coaster is one of my favorites. It has seen better days but it also has seen quite a bit of use. It has a picture we took while on one of the Greek islands. It reminds me of when I took my wife off the usual path and we went up to an overlook no one else saw. On the way there we met this white donkey. 

travel coaster honeymoon

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