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Nov 7, 2023

New Cool Up-and-Coming In Travel Tech Gadgets

New Airplane Wifi, Turbulence-Free Flights, BP Superchargers, Bendable Phone...

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Starlink to Be Available on Most Aircraft Soon

The problem with most in-flight internet offerings is speed and connectivity.
The antennas on the plane need to connect to signals from the ground. This causes latency and interference with the connection. A satellite internet would improve on that with a more stable connection.

Turbulence free flights are coming soon!

No more bumpy rides: New tech reduces flight turbulence by 80%

25 Tips That Will Change the Way You Travel
We do or have most of these. Not all of these are new, but they may be for other travelers.

Tesla is selling $100 million worth of Superchargers to BP in first of its kind deal

Tesla has the best fast-charging network for electric cars in North America by far. That, along with its better connector design, is the reason why most automakers have now adopted its connector as the new standard.

Motorola's Bendable Phone Display Concept Can Wrap Around Your Wrist

Scientists Have Created A Star Trek-Like Plane That Flies Using "Ion Thrusters" And No Fuel

Humane reveals the name of the first device, the Humane Ai Pin

The Ai Pin is a new wearable gadget from startup Humane. It is the size of a cracker and can be pinned on your shirt while it displays the information in the palm of your hand.

The personalized AI assistant can be activated through voice commands or finger taps. Pin AI only turns on when pressed and, as per Humane, does not have an always-on feature. Also, for security, there is an indicator light that illuminates when the camera is on. It’ll be able to do all this without smartphone connectivity thanks to its state-of-the-art Qualcomm chip

Southwest Airlines Partners with USA BioEnergy

Over the term of the 20-year agreement, once blended with conventional jet fuel, the SAF could produce the equivalent of 2.59 billion gallons of net-zero1 fuel and avoid 30 million metric tons of CO2.

Get a reliable VPN for your computer and phone for travel and at home.

Explore the world one country at a time with this fun and educational subscription box for kids!

Airline -Approved Carry-On Luggage on Amazon

Shop All-new Kindle Travel Gear

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