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Jun 16, 2016

5 Most Ridiculous Travel Gadgets For Men

5 Most Ridiculous Travel Gadgets That Are For Men

Dude Stick “Chapstick For Men”
It does look inconspicuous with grey letters on all black packaging. And looks cool enough that I would consider it, though the price of $15 is too steep for a lip balm. Considering that a Blistex medicated lip balm has a great green color and works great to protect and heal your lips.

Sunscreen for Men
Skin is skin, and needs to be protected from harmful rays of the sun. SPF 30 or above would work the same for men and women. I know I have shared the same sunscreen on many vacations with my wife and we both either get burned or tan slightly. Though in my wife's case she will be brown in a few hours, and I will be the one slathering after sun lotion and aloe to sooth the burn.

Dude wipes
Carrying around wipes is not manly. I like feeling clean just as much as the next guy. But at the same time I will not be carrying around wipes. Maybe a few tissues. Nowadays I just grab some from the kid wipes that we always have with us. These do come in nice black package to make it more manly when you take them out, but you are still taking out a wet nap.

BBQ Toolbox
A grill on the go. The grill is built right into the regular looking red toolbox. It unfolds to reveal the grilling surface powered by charcoal. On the sides are useful food prep and cooking stations.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife
When traveling, you want to be prepared for just about anything. You would like to have some tools on hand just in case. This gadget takes it much much further by giving you every tool you can think of within one package. The gadget performs 141 functions in total. More then necessary for most trips and outdoor activities. It is most certainly not carry-on friendly.

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Jun 8, 2015

Father's Day Travel Gadgets Gift Ideas

Father's Day Travel Gadgets Gift Ideas

Picking out a gift for traveling dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is June 21 - find great gifts for Dad

Last minute shopping for your dad? Get him an Amazon Gift Card
Father's Day Gift Cards

Gift of Music
Whether he prefers classical, jazz, Broadway tunes or The Beatles, track down his favorite songs from the past. Then load up an MP3 player with his special music.
Audio Gifts for Dad

Waterproof Video Camera
Best one on the market currently:

Waterproof Smartphone Case

RFID Wallet

This wallet has an extra material sawed into its shell to protect your credit and debit cards from being read by scimming devices. Hence keeping your identity and information secure.

Selfie Stick

Dad is likely the one taking photos of the family with his arm extended as far as possible. And he ends up very close to camera and sometimes not at best angles. I know, I end up taking these all the time. Help him out with this gadget design specifically for the purpose and craze.

Smartphone Projector

With this newest portable gadget, your dad can share moments saved on his smartphone on the big screen. Either the wall, ceiling or any other light flat surface.

More Gift Ideas for Dads:

Gifts for Dads

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