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Jan 10, 2017

Travel Video of the Month - 5 Travel Gadgets That Travelers Will Love!

Travel Video of the Month -
5 Travel Gadgets That Travelers WILL LOVE!

In this video, there are newest innovations and inventions in technology and a lot of these are great for travel.
The paddles are an innovation on the regular ones. They provide light in the water while stand up paddling without a need for a flashlight. It has a built-in light-up strip that keeps the battery charged. The water bottles come with Bluetooth speakers and touchscreen. And has the capacity to charge your phone and keep your stash.

Aug 31, 2015

New Car Technology Improving The Way We Travel

New Car Technology Improving The Way We Travel

Car Headlights Getting Smarter Thanks to New Technologies
Ford is working on “intelligent” car headlights that will automatically adjust to the layout of the road and hazards such as cyclists and even animals.
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Airless tires are coming closer to reality
Imagine never having a flat tire, not having to pull over and figure out how to change one or if you have a spare or waiting for a tow truck. Several makers of tires are working on new type of rubber technology that would not require tires to be pumped up with air. Hankook iFlex tire has gone through many high speed tests and so far has passed. A futuristic design concept, the i-Flex is an airless wheel and tire, all in one.

Front And Rear Roadtrip Recorder makes sure that you have both ends covered

(Credit: Ford)
Ford’s Cameras Will Help Drivers See Around Corners
New split-view camera mounted on the front and rear bumpers gives drivers a 180-degree view from portions of the car that poke into traffic first, either edging into intersection or backing out, effectively giving the ability to see around corners.

Smarter Mapping
Cars and roads to communicate in real time. This type of intelligence offers the same information normal maps do, but it also gives the number and direction of lanes, traffic signs along the route and exact coordinates of traffic lights. There is more technology in development to improve mapping technology for automated driving.

V2V communication
Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) or vehicular communication systems are wireless systems built in the vehicles that obtain real time data from other cars and the environment surrounding them. This type of technology would allow the concept of caravan driving on highways where all cars are driving at the same speed in the same lane on auto pilot. That is until one needs to exit or speed up to reach a destination.

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