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Nov 9, 2015

Aruba Vacation - Kids Gadgets and Accessories

Aruba Vacation - Kids Gadgets and Accessories

This was our kid's first long trip as mentioned in the first post of the series (Aruba - First Family Trip South - Summer Continued). Overall, the trip was a success. So much so that we just booked our next one that will be in the start of the new year.
In packing for the trip, her luggage space outweighed both of ours. Besides clothes and shoes, she also was bringing toys, food, drinks, carriage, and multitude of gadgets to keep her entertained.

Backpack with a leash
Not only did this little pack contain all of the goodies that would be easily accessible to her during the flight, it came in very handy at the airport as well. It also helped that she liked wearing it. Quite a difference from the animal version we originally got. This one had very stiff straps and they were rubbing and hurting her. Brica By-my-side Safety Harness Backpack has soft padded straps, comfy and breathable design and is light.

Inside the backpack there was
- light up ball with unique shape that prevents it from rolling away
- small travel books
- kids camera that shows different image upon click
- stuffed animal
- and washable crayons

Refresh-a-Baby Water Bottle Adapter
Easily replaceable tops for bottles. Genius. Instead of bringing with us multiple baby bottles from which our kiddo still drinks milk, that take up a lot of space within the bags, we brought these small packable tops. They can fit on just about any plastic bottle that we might buy anyhow to drink water. And we would be able to recycle it instead of tossing out by pouring milk in there and for kid to able to sip at their own pace from it.

Drawing Travel Board

After seeing reviews on multiple kid travel blogs and reading through reviews on, we got her the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones. These are very light, and comfortable on the head. As you can see I tried them on too. They are easily adjustable to quite a few head sizes. They also come with a chord that can limit the maximum value to safeguard toddlers ears. They had great sound. Much better than the cheap earbuds or the ones offered (sold) on the plane.


Water bottle
Stephen Joseph Owl Stainless Steel Water Bottle - This water bottle is made for toddler. Gives them independence to drink by themselves. They can imitate adults when drinking from a bottle. And it has a top that closes completely to prevent spills in addition to the cap that keeps it clean.

Rash guard shirts
Kiddo was swimming in these almost the entire time. They kept her protected from the direct sunlight since they have 100% UV protection. The shirts also kept her warm on the beach since they dried quickly. It also meant putting on less sunscreen as not as much of her skin was exposed while we swam or played on the beach.

Water/beach shoes
While we wore ours only in the water to be able to walk on the ocean floor covered with rocks, she wore hers on the beach to keep her feet safe from various shells, rocks, and other things in the sand.

Phone preloaded with cartoons and games
Before leaving on vacation, we preloaded our phone with several gigabytes of cartoons and educational games and videos. It was a life and sanity saver during eating out and other times of toddler hysterics. During the stay we did not have WiFi and did not take the phone off of airplane mode as to not incur any roaming charges. We still were able to use it for entertainment as well as a notebook.

Phone holder
This little accessory was irreplaceable while using the phone at meals and we were very glad we took it with us. The phone stayed off the table in the right position for viewing and accessing controls. The holder folds up flat and is very light to just throw in our bag with all the rest of the stuff.

Sand Toys
Two buckets filled with sand toys were the unexpected, yet very helpful, babysitter on the beach. Once out of the water, the kiddo would play with them for at least half hour if not more. This gave us some time to arrange beach accessories, sit back, relax and sometimes even read our Kindles.

Sound-off: How do you travel with your kids? And what essentials do you bring along? Let us know below

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Jul 17, 2013

Travel Gadgets for Parents (and Kids)

Gadgets for Parents and Kids:
Traveling with kids is fun. It opens them up to the world around them, introduces them to nature as well as culture. It also comes with some challenges such as keeping them from wondering off, safe, and entertained.
Kids gadgets and other travel gadgets can make it more enjoyable, fun, and stress free.

It is, as per their site, the world's first smart locator and phone for kids. This device looks just like a small plastic watch. However, it does a lot more.
It is a locator. By setting what they call a Safe Zone, you can monitor where your kids are within a certain area.

And it is also a phone
Mobile phones come with certain dangers for little ones, and they lose them often. Filip has a 2-way GSM cellular voice capability that provides the similar quality of coverage that you expect from a regular smartphone. You pre-program 5 phone numbers that your child can call using the Filip app for smartphones. This way they do not make unnecessary or expensive calls and have important numbers readily available. Your child can scroll through the numbers and call the one they want with the touch of a button. Moreover, you and only the 4 other people pre-programmed on the phone can call the child. You can also send text messages.

Along similar lines there is
Toddler Tag
A small device that helps keep track of your child’s location. It works wirelessly and is waterproof. The locator is a two-unit system--one that attaches to your child and one you keep with you. When a child starts to wonder away and strays out of a 25-foot range, a chirp-like alert sounds from your unit, so you're immediately aware.


SEAL swim monitor
While know where your kids are is important, it is even more important to make sure they are safe during the water activities. Kids are rambunctious, that is just their nature, they are full of energy. I have seen a couple of kids at a local pool dive in, get out, and dive in again more times in one minute then a dolphin.
The SEAL swim monitor and drowning detection is a wearable alarm system comprised of a band that hangs around the child's neck, which connects wirelessly to a guard band for parents. If the system detects a potential drowning incident in progress, the SEAL band triggers​​ a high intensity visible, audible, and vibrating alarm alerting guards and guardians to the danger so that a rescue can begin. The SEAL bands are adjustable with multiple colors and look like colorful necklaces during swimming.

Contigo Autoseal Trekker Cup
Keep spills to a minimum with this kid-proof bottle. The lid is 100% spill and leak proof. The cup automatically seals between sips so no accidental escapes.

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Sign of the times – parents take at least three gadgets on a trip just to keep the kids happy. Gadgets such iPad, smartphones, game consoles, and laptops
Fuhu NABI Tablet is a kid friendly tablet that is easy to hold. Kids are able to surf using kid-safe Web browser, watch movies and TV shows, read books, learn math and play games.
game consoles
Before you go, download some fun and educational apps on your smartphone. You know your kids will want to play with one, so it will keep them entertained for a bit.
You can also pre-load some games, movies and shows on your laptop for the family to enjoy while at the airport or killing time in a hotel room.

If nothing else works to keep your kids entertained, tune out, with noise-cancelling headphones:)

Sound-off: Are there gadgets that you have packed to keep kids safe and entertained on trip that are not listed? Let us know below

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Oct 24, 2012

Gadgets to Keep Kids Busy While Traveling

On the Go Play 'n Snack Tray

Multitasking is standard on a road trip. Keeping your eyes on the road, determining directions either through GPS, or even more distracting, smartphone, and keeping another eye on the kids and keeping them entertained. On the Go Play 'n Snack Tray makes it a bit easier. It puts a lot of their books, pencils, toys, and other fun stuff within their reach. This travel gadget also acts as a table for playing with all those toys and for coloring books. It can also be used as a food tray when it is time for a snack. It is waterproof so it can handle spills and wipes clean for prolonged use. Tray is made of foam and it easily attaches to car seats and folds flat for space-saving storage.

Handheld games can be a great way to occupy kids' time while travelling. The games usually come in simple plastic casing making them portable and also less expensive if they go flying across the back seat by "accident".
Type of the games that these might include are word searches, jumbles, scavenger hunts, puzzles, and speed mazes. So they would be learning at the same time as they are playing. Brainteaser games are great for trips as they keep kids busy for longer period of time and develop their brains at the same time.
Perplexus is one of those games that is enticing and mentally stimulating puzzle.

Travel size games are easy to pack and transport. Best of these are the ones that have multiple games in one. This way you do not have to drag several different variations, they are easily switchable, and would keep the rascals occupied for longer. Four Children's Card Games, for instance, has 4 different card games within one package. It has Old Maid, Animal Rummy, Hearts, and Crazy Eights classic card games.

A Backseat Survival Kit, as the name implies, helps keep parent sane. It has quite a bit of activities packed into it. Includes 6 non-toxic water-based felt-tip pens, 6 skeins of floss, a pair of dice, 1 string loop, 8 foam Parchesi playing pieces, a 100 page activity pad.

Can't find your keys before the road trip, the toddler probably has them. Replace them with Electronic Metal Keychain Toy which looks quite a bit like the real thing and has three smooth, metal, teething-safe keys, plus a push-button remote that makes car sounds, a penlight and belt clip.

There is also now a whole market for kid-friendly tablets available so that they can have same gadget as the grown ups. While they might look like the full version tablets they are designed with kids in mind. They come with parental controls that limit what content is accessible and deactivates in-app purchases.

Fuhu Nabi

Speck iPad 2 iGuy

A pair of Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones would go great with any of these tablets. It allows parents to preset the volume so that the little ones do not blast music and such in their in ears.

Trunki by Melissa and Doug Sunny:

Trunki suitcases allow children to scoot along on their luggage through the airport or train station. They are lightweight, sturdy and can serve as luggage, riding toy, and transport for kids. Trunki is carry-on size, making a great option as a kids' travel pack.

How do you keep your kids busy while traveling? 
And limit the amount of "Are we there yet?" questions?
Let us know below

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