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Jan 11, 2016

What Are These Travel Gadgets Posts?

What Are These Travel Gadgets Posts?

Happy New Year. If you are new to this site or have visited in the past, with the new year new opportunities rolling out I would like to provide some background for the content and development behind Travel Tech Gadgets.
If I put something on my blog that I say I have used that means I spent a lot of time agonizing again and again over validity of the purchase. And have looked over many reviews from various sites and finally decided to get it.

Case in point, our new home internet router. We have been unhappy with the performance of the current router for months. It is the one that is provided by our internet company and is also 4+ years old. It does not meet the needs that we currently have for multiple laptops, phones, cameras, and streaming gadgets that are in our home. So I have been going back and forth deciding if we should ask the cable company for an updated router or buy a better version ourselves. It is either we get it 'free' or put up money at the front and hopefully enjoy a better performance. After contacting customer service and confirming that their new router is not much better than the current, I made the final decision to get the router that is highest rated on a couple of the top consumer gadget review sites. And can report that I am very glad I did. The speed and reach of wireless connection has increased significantly.

This works most of the time as the gadgets I finally get perform well. Hence this site.
I love travel and gadgets. And realized there are lot of useful gadgets that can make your travel better. Though most of the time the information is segmented and a lot of it comes out around holidays only. The rest of the year, it is tucked away in lower sections of sites.
Looking through many different gadgets on daily basis and reading through their reviews, I am hoping to provide a spot to get some insight on what is available, great to use, and coming up in travel and gadgets.


and Bonvoyage!

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