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Oct 24, 2015

Baseball Postseason Best (And Worst) Stadiums' WiFi

Baseball Postseason Best (And Worst) Stadiums WiFi

As a precursor to the MLB World Series due to start next week, RootMetrics performed a study on wireless services across all of the baseball stadiums. Below are some of the results. You can see the full report here.
As of last night the showdown will be between NY Mets and Kansas City Royals. Currently, only Mets from NLCS are through to the Finals. Their opponent will be either Toronto Bluejays or Kansas City Royals. Based on the cell phone performance, sports fans attending the games would have fared much better at the Toronto stadium. The worst mobile performance was seen at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. And since that's the venue for first few games, bring some signal boosters and patience.

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