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Apr 16, 2018

The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi and How To Protect Yourself

Travel and WiFi They Go Together

Travel and WiFi go together, but it also brings a lot of danger when you are at home or traveling.

Jun 23, 2016

Travel Gadget Video of the Week - Best Traveling Apps And Gadgets For Summer Road Trips

Best traveling apps and gadgets for summer road trips

In this video, the newest SUV from Volvo XC90. It comes with the app that can start the car, lock it, tell you what is the fuel range and more. This is not the only car coming out this year with these features. Several other automakers are now releasing apps with the new models. Making it more convenient to keep track of your vehicle.
One of the cool features in the car, which was barely mentioned but used, is the electrical plug, 12-volt adapter, in back where the Ride-Fi was plugged in. This would give you an auxiliary charging port for the rear passengers.

Polar Bear Coolers - keep things cold inside for up to 3 days

Ride-Fi - creates a Wi-Fi hot spot within your car. Up to 8 devices can use the service simultaneously.

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Dec 10, 2015

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - December

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - December

Robot Tested for Airport Check-In
Any technology that speeds up check-in and time at the airport, and functions well, would be a great improvement to the current system. While these robots are set to target premium travelers, after the beta testing, it is likely to hit mainstream as well.

Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest building 1km tall

Tesla's Model S on Autopilot gets the real test — navigating New York City traffic
It is not a self-driving car. Though it is a huge improvement on the old Cruise Control. With CC on you can let go of the pedals but you have to hold on to the wheel and, if getting closer to traffic, need to touch the brakes to make sure to keep good distance. With Tesla's Autopilot, you can take foot and hands off. The car will make adjustments as necessary to keep you within the lane and even break and slow down as necessary.

Self-driving pods use app to pick you up and can connect with other pods on the road

Can you imagine this travel future?

This gadget needs no battery, it's powered by Wi-Fi

Volvo’s new child seat concept makes you actually want to have a child

Stroller folds up small enough to fit in a backpack
If you have kids and ever had to travel with a stroller either in the car or on the plane, you know how much of a pain it could be to fold one up and then find enough space to put it in. We were very glad that we have updated our automobile to an SUV before our kid was born as I don't know how we would have fit half the stuff into the sedan. This stroller makes it even more convenient to travel since it can fold up and be stored in a bag. So technically could be the kid's carry-on luggage.

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Oct 24, 2015

Baseball Postseason Best (And Worst) Stadiums' WiFi

Baseball Postseason Best (And Worst) Stadiums WiFi

As a precursor to the MLB World Series due to start next week, RootMetrics performed a study on wireless services across all of the baseball stadiums. Below are some of the results. You can see the full report here.
As of last night the showdown will be between NY Mets and Kansas City Royals. Currently, only Mets from NLCS are through to the Finals. Their opponent will be either Toronto Bluejays or Kansas City Royals. Based on the cell phone performance, sports fans attending the games would have fared much better at the Toronto stadium. The worst mobile performance was seen at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. And since that's the venue for first few games, bring some signal boosters and patience.

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Sep 2, 2014

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - September

Text your friends even when you don't have service
It looks like a wand but it is actually an antenna. Antenna that can keep you connected even in the most secluded parts of your travel.
GoTenna is a device that lets users create their own virtual network on which they can communicate with friends and family. It connects to your phone via BluetoothLE. You will have to keep it within a certain range (20 feet) of your phone for it work well. The average range for the connection to work is around 2-4 miles. You would use GoTenna's app to type out a text message or share a location. Your smartphone will send the message to your GoTenna, which will then shoot it out, via long-range radio waves. The app also offers free offline maps and full messaging capabilities.

Stay Dry in a Jiffy

Funnel Eject|Wear backpack
awesome design for travel
We got caught in a downpour while in Mykonos greek islands. Thankfully, we did have rain gear with us, which was a couple of ponchos. Though as anyone who ever used them knows, they can be quite cumbersome to put on. They stick and when they get wet its hard to put them on or takeoff. This backpack is an awesome design for travel and those situations.  with pull out jacket is a great concept for those times.

The Solar Bikini

Its summer time, the sun is out and time to lie down and get a tan while listening to music or reading and web surfing, but you run low on batteries on your device. There is now a great solution - a solar bikini.  It is covered with solar panels. These panels provide current similar to that of a USB drive on a laptop, that will provide power for iPods and other devices. The bikini will cost upwards of $1,000 and the inventor says that he is working on a version for males that will cool off beer.

Samsung Galaxy Round: World’s First Curved-Screen Smart Phone

Skully, The Smartest Motorcycle Helmet
Innovation on standard helmet, Skully, puts heads-up digital display in-front of the rider. Similar to display that is being slowly introduced for cars, the helmet will display GPS, rear view camera with a near 180 degree viewing angle, and may display vehicle telemetry such as speed, gear, and tachometer.

LG G Watch unveiled
LG G Watch

Microsoft Smartwatch With 11 Sensors Coming This October
As per the latest, the company’s new smartwatch might be released this October.

Chargekey Keychain Phone Charge Connector
Portable USB charging cable for iPhone and Android. It does not look like much. It actually looks like a keychain size USB drive. However, this travel gadget can assist with charging up your phone. It is not a charger in itself. Chargekey allows for charging from any USB port in place of using a long and cumbersome standard phone cable

Earin's tiny wireless earphones recharge while they're in your pocket
ear phones

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