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Jul 13, 2015

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - July

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - July

Ninebot Self-Balancing Unicycle
This unicycle can travel anywhere from 6 to 21 miles depending on the charge while going at a speed of 8-13 miles an hour. It is not something you would take on a highway, but you would be able to zoom through street traffic for your daily commute. It is already available for purchase on Amazon for $748 and free shipping. Comes with 120W standard charger and 220Wh high-capacity battery. There is also a corresponding app that will let you control the lighting effects on the sides, update the firmware, and keep track of your Ninebot.

The Gravity Light lamp doesn’t need fuel, batteries or the sun to power it
The lamp provides instant light, any time, with no sun or batteries needed. All it needs is some weights. GravityLight generates power from the lift of a weight. Here is how it works:

Baidu will test a self-driving BMW later this year
"the vehicle should be smart enough to operate itself, but enable you to take command as and when necessary. We would make a joke about that being what a lot of people thought the "Cruise Control" button was for"
cruise control
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Safety Truck Shows Drivers What’s Ahead

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Samsung added a built-in camera to the front of a its fleet of trucks. The camera captures real-time footage of the road and then wirelessly feeds it to four Samsung screens on the truck’s rear doors. This live film will play continuously as the truck moves letting drivers behind the truck be aware of on coming traffic and what is in front of the truck to make a safe pass. It even features a night vision view, for cars driving during nights. This technological solution was created by Leo Burnett and Samsung in partnership with tech company Ingem├ítica, aiming to reduce traffic accidents.

Soon your car won't let you drink..

The Solar iPad Case!

An ultra-thin (around 7/8" total thickness) case that protects and recharges your iPad using the power of the sun. Now you can have protection for your precious gadget and keep on using it. The case server multiple functions with embeded thin-film solar panel that can convert sunlight into electricity that recharges the lithium ion battery. The Solar iPad Case battery is capable of delivering an additional 2 hours.

Finally: Netflix Streaming Becomes Available at Marriott Hotels

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