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Jun 27, 2016

Road Trips With Kids - What To Take Along

Road Trips With Kids - What To Take Along

Last weekend, we took a road trip to NJ to pick strawberries. On the way, my daughter got sick all over the car seat. It was all over my arm, herself, the doll - you get the picture. It was not pretty. It made me seriously re-consider what we stash in the car.

Also, now that she’s getting older, she needs something entertaining. (Before she would just zonk out and it was glorious!)

Below is a quick survival kit that you can stash in the car or bring with you:

On the Go Potty - Below are our picks:
Kalenco Potty
Cool Gear Travel Potty
Boy portable Potty 
Folding Seat Cushion
While you are at it, get some toilet covers for older kids and yourself

Disposable wee wee pads - when my little one got sick, these came in handy! The car seat was wet so we padded with this sheet and threw one over her (new) clothes just in case of another accident. They are also great for potty training! These are a good value on amazon: Don't worry that they say Pet or have a picture of a dog, they work great for kids too at the price :)

Hand Wipes - I really wish I stashed more! We needed a ton. I use these: Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Baby Wipes - You never know what kind of situation may arise but you bet your baby’s bottom you’ll need at least a pack

Change of clothes - Refresh every 1-2 months dependent on child’s age to ensure it will fit. Basic items like leggings, bodysuits or t-shirts, underwear, socks and a change of shoes are a must

Tablet holders - Cars with entertainment packages built-in are overrated and expensive. Make your own unit by getting a tablet holder like this:

Charger - Our car has your standard cigarette lighter so we bought a converter for a USB and can use our regular chargers in the car: Satechi® Smart Converter USB Port Cigarette Adapter

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More below..

Toys and Games - Below are a few of ideas for each age group

2 and under:
Brica Mirror
Pull vibrate toys
Toy Arch
Baby Einstein Musical Toy
Electronic Books

2 and over:
Tin Magnet Puzzles
Melissa and Doug Stickers 
Fisher Price Doodle (LARGE)
Fisher Price Doodle (SMALL)
On the Go Color blast - LOVE this
Portable art studio

Trays and containers - a tray and a few spill proof containers will reduce the mess you’ll need to clean up, plus it gives them space to draw, color and play. Win Win!
This tray has it all:

Spill proof containers are perfect for little hands:

Car protection gear
We outfitted our leased car with several of these items to protect the vehicle:
Kick Mats:
Sun Visor:
Seat protector (works well for rear facing kickers too!):
Car Seat Sun Protector (we didn’t want her to touch hot buckles):

Emergency Medical Kit
When we travel, I bring any necessary meds with us and do NOT leave it in the car. If you have to, put them in a cooler (extreme hot or cold temps can mess with the meds). You should keep a basic First Aid Kit in the car all the time. It is great to have in case of a scraped knee or cut. This one is perfect for any medical emergency: First Aid Kit 115 Piece for Car

And of course, let’s not forget, snacks and drinks! Bring at least 2 bottles per person of water and a variety of snacks in ZipLocks or individual portions. Granola bars, nuts, goldfish, puffs, cheerios, crackers and other dried snacks are always perfect on the go. Grab some peeled and cut bananas, apples, and other fruit as well in a cooler!

Enjoy the trip and let us know where you went!

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Jun 6, 2016

13 Tips For Safe Summer Road Trips With Kids

Family Travel Safety Tips and Gadgets

2016 is shaping up to be the summer of the road trip
Cheap fuel prices, and with summertime gas prices predicted to be the lowest in 13 years, families have more spare change to spend on their trip. 90% of Memorial Day travelers are planning to go by car according to AAA.



• Traveling during the warm weather months, give yourself an extra five to ten minutes to get the car cool before putting the kids inside. It can be miserable and also dangerous in a hot vehicle. Plus this will get you off on a better start to your trip.

Make sure the kids have all the snacks and drinks they need

Kids Play Tray for Snacks Great for Car Bus Train and Plane Journeys

Cozy Greens® Backseat Car Organizer - Must Have For Traveling With Kids

High Road Kids Food 'n Fun Car Seat Organizer with Cooler and Snack Tray

Make sure that you have the directions to your destination set up on your GPS

Google Maps App (iTunes/Google Play)

How To: Use Google Maps Offline When Traveling

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic (Google Play/iTunes)

Garmin nüvi GPS

Place your sunglasses and glasses by you/driver

Driver’s See Through Sun Visor that blocks glare from the sun and oncoming traffic could be a good idea in addition to glasses.

Take out (if not already) electronic toll collection device, such E-Z Pass, and mount onto the windshield

Phone charger is plugged in and ready to charge phone that is put away into a cupholder

Or if you are using it as GPS or handsfree calling, make sure that the phone mount is securely in place
We have used on many road trips and love the iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

Answering the phone on the road is not a safe option. Best, if you do have to, is to use Bluetooth for hands-free system

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more tips for summer road trip below


Keep the backseat passengers busy and enjoying the ride

Travel-Themed kids packs that include 20-page activity booklet, fun souvenirs to review, flashlight adventures, trading cards, stickers and luggage tags. These will keep them busy for awhile.

Play movies and shows

Best way to watch movies in the car is with a mount that would hold the iPad or other tablet in place, hands-free, and away from kids' faces. Giving them a better view and also some distance from the screen.

Listen to music

iPod Nano these days is under $100 and has 16GB of storage which can hold around up to 30 hours of music. More than enough for most road trips.

Share the sound

Better yet, the backseat passengers can share the music, as long as they agree on the genre, for duration of the ride without needing an extra MP3 player. A headphone jack splitter will allow multiple users to plug into the same device and listen to the tunes

Charge All Your Gadgets

Using the car's cigarette lighter, or better name would be an electrical port since we never use it for that, you can charge your gadgets with the USB chargers specifically designed to fit there. We currently have the Griffin dual USB charger in the front. It has been plugged in there for 3+ years. The latest gadget for charging your devices in the car is the Belkin Road Rockstar with 4 USB Ports. Not only does it have the same USB plug for the electrical port, but it also has an extension that is pulled through to the backseat and 2 other devices can be plugged in. The secondary portion has 2.4A ports that can charge tablets.


The Best Part of Road Trips is…

Water Safety Tips for Kids

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