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May 30, 2013

Saving Money for Travel and Gadgets

Travel is fun

It is also relaxing, exciting, and educational. Additionally, travel requires some funding.

Some great tips I came across to help you save to fund your next adventure:

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While it is extra bucks to add to your travel budget, don't forget to get travel insurance. It will save you money and peace of mind in the end. With travel insurance you do not have to worry if there is a delay, if you have to cancel or adjust your travel time, about luggage getting there, as well as any medical situations. Every time we travel for a prolonged period of time, we get travel insurance with our package. It is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the trip.

It is also a great idea to have a dedicated bank account for your travel fund. We started a savings account awhile back that has an interest rate. Currently, the rate is low, but it does add on a few bucks. Originally it was opened for larger purchases and travel, but as of late, it has been used mostly for our week-long trips.

10 Tips on How to Save For Travel

Gadgets, such as smartphone and many more throughout this blog, are essential to keep you on your way, make it memorable, collect those memories, and keep you entertained while traveling. While some are inexpensive, a few of these added up result in hefty dollar amounts. Hence I recommend, and something I have being doing myself, to stagger purchasing your travel gadgets. This way the impact of that cool new gadget would not be really felt in your savings. And by the time you have your next big adventure lined up, you will be traveling with a few of the devices.

Pack Light

With second bag fees, over weight baggage fee, and fees for just bringing bags, packing light would save money and headache of shuffling things around.
To make sure that you are within the weight limit when packing for the trip or even more important, when returning, use a digital luggage scale such as the GSI Super Digital Travel Luggage Scale They are easy to use and easy to read.

How to Pack Light

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