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Jul 3, 2014

Essential Travel Gadget of the Week - Second life for the old staple

Essential Travel Gadget of the Week 
- Second life for the old staple

The SecondWind charger is capable of charging alkaline batteries. They finally get a second chance instead of being smashed shaken and eventually thrown into trash. Which is not a recommended way of disposal, but that is what most folks do (Disposing of Batteries Properly). And while I recommend using rechargeable batteries for all your gadgets, the standard alkalines are still prevalent. This type of charger at least prevents them from ending up in landfill for a bit longer.
SecondWind charger can charge up to four batteries at once, and is compatible with both AA and AAA batteries. While other type of batteries can be charged using this device, such as NiMH or rechargeable batteries, however non-alkaline batteries will not fully charge in the charger.

Other features:
Fully charge batteries in approximately 90 minutes
Can mix and match brands and types (AA + AAA)
Approved by CE, FCC, ETL RoHS and Energy Star

Alkaline Battery Recharger

Did You Know?:
- How can you determine the quality of an alkaline battery?
Usually, the heavier the battery, the better it is made. A better made battery translates to a longer battery life and more recharge cycles.

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