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Jun 28, 2013

Travel Video of the Week - Bike Tech Gadgets

Cool New Tech To Make Biking Safer:

Virtual Safety Lane

X-Fire 5-LED gadget looks like a regular tail light. However, it has 5 bright LED lights built-in with Laser Lane Marker. These laser pointer like lights provide guidance as well as visibility for the biker. They are visible from over a mile away to nearby motorists.

Another set of lights that could make your ride safer are the wheel lights by Revolights. These are currently on Kickstarter, though have already been fully funded. Their technology adds LED lights to the actual wheels of the bike, making them light up while riding

Top Bike Gadgets

The name might sound funny, Monkey Light, and the design and look of this light technology is entertaining, though these lights also provide protection for bike riders when it gets dark outside. Plus they are fun, cool, and waterproof

Blink/Steady Smart Tail Light
This is an innovation of good old tail light. It provides a notice to anyone coming upon you from behind. However, the Smart Tail Light has an accelerometer built in so that it can tell when the bike is in motion. It automatically turns on ones it senses motion as well as when it is getting dark with its light sensor. To prolong the battery life, the unit automatically turns off after 30 seconds of no movement. Blink Steady

Rearview Camera
With all the new cars getting a rear view camera installed for safety of pedestrian and garbage cans, bikes can have one too now. However, the technology might be slightly ahead of its time and would need to be perfected as it has received not so great reviews so far.

Sound-off: How do you trick out your ride? Let us know below

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