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Nov 7, 2016

Traveling During the Cold Season - What to Take and Do

Traveling During the Cold Season -
What to Take and Do

Every year in America alone, there will be more than 1 billion colds reported, resulting in more than 50 million missed workdays along with 60 million school days. And you see the news reports, school notices, and health alerts about cold and flu season. Why is it this time of the year? The answer is in how cold and flu viruses spread.
The “cold season” begins in November when the number of reported colds and flu illnesses rises sharply and remains elevated until late April. This is the case for North America. In the opposite hemisphere, the season has just passed. We keep passing colds back and forth across the hemispheres like the great, big, global family that we are. The main reason for it could be airplane travel.
A Harvard study found that domestic airline travel volume in November, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday, was an accurate indicator of how rapidly a flu virus would spread. The more air travelers there are, the higher are the rates for colds. The combination of drier air and people spending more time indoors enables the germs to survive during these times of the year and to migrate.
Cold weather doesn’t give you a cold. However, spending more time indoors causes you to breathe more germ-infested air, which likely contributes to why you get sick more often in the winter.

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Nov 3, 2016

Autonomous Cars - The Ads Tell Us Why We Need Them ASAP

Autonomous Cars - The Ads Tell Us Why We Need Them ASAP

The drivers don't pay attention and swerve across lanes
Driver does not notice cars stopped ahead
The driver is too distracted to react to a car cutting in front of him
Pulling out of a spot without looking around

The list goes on and on in the commercials of cars with automatic braking, lane departure, and other tech systems:

Oct 31, 2016

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts Last Month - October

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts Last Month - October

Halloween Travel Plus Tips & Tricks
There are many towns that boast some amazing Halloween festivities, including pub crawls, pumpkin beer on tap, costume parades...

Oct 27, 2016

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - October

New Cool Up-and-Coming Travel Gadgets - October

Google Station aims to bring Wi-Fi to public spaces across the globe
Access for everyone. That is the goal for these tech hubs providing free Wi-Fi in places that did not have it before. This also means more users and more visitors to the online sites then ever before. However, this also opens up more opportunity for unscrupulous folks to road the public access for devices with weaker protection and try to steal data. To avoid getting hacked or scammed, just make sure to have your Wi-Fi and devices protected with private VPN that will make public wi-fi more secure.
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