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Dec 13, 2016

Holiday Family Road Trip in Northeast

Holiday Family Road Trip in Northeast

This weekend we took a road trip to Northern New Jersey. Ultimate goal of the trip was to get our holiday tree from in-laws house. The trip had multiple stops each with holiday filled activities.

Our first stop was in Chester, NJ. We first went to the Festival of Trees that was held in a barn as a fundraiser for the local community. There were more than 60 holiday trees decorated in various themes, including international travel:

Then we drove five minutes to the center of Chester where we checked out some of the local shops. We took with us our portable phone charger while walking around town as our phones have been draining the battery quickly as of late. As mentioned in the earlier post, iPhone's Unexpected Shutdown Issues & What To Do, my phone also tends to shut down when at low power, so wanted to avoid that.
We were followed by carolers that were not only spreading holiday songs but were giving away gift certificates to these same stores. We won one for Sally Lunn's where we ended up later. They are renowned for their scones and we had to try them for ourselves. We got scones with strawberries, chocolate chips, and cranberry orange. Chocolate chip seemed to be the favorite.

Next was the actual drive to pick up the tree. Which worked out great since by the time we picked it up, there was a light snow and it was dark outside. Perfect time to go the thousands of lights at the Skylands.

It was getting cold at that point and quite dark and we had two more festive stops to see the elaborately decorated houses. The first one was a huge display on the lawn of different characters. You name it, it was there.

And the last, but definitely not least, was the stop in front of the house with the lights set to music that was playing on the lawn and also can be tuned in your car via a designated radio station. Previously, we have only seen something like this on TV. It was awesome to see and experience it in person.

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