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Jun 22, 2020

Weekend Family Travels - Park Sanctuaries Lakes BBQ Travel

weekend family travel

Family outdoor travel during the lockdown

We are continuing our family getaways even if they are not far from home. This way we get out of the four walls. Get some fresh air. Stretch our legs, minds, and lungs. And even get some exercise.

Apr 27, 2020

Weekend Family Travel - Our Trips Outside

Or How to Venture Outside Safely and Healthy

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We love each other. But it is hard to be cooped up all of us in the same apartment for 24 hours 7 days a week. It is a lot. We don't have a huge house with a backyard, yet, where we can lose each other. So being within the close proximity for this long with no breaks is a lot.
To reset ourselves, get fresh air, and exercise, we have ventured out to State Parks. It was a great idea that came out of necessity. The nearest park to us has been closed. We walked around the park but that got boring quickly as there is no space to play and there are quite a few people still walking around not following social distancing nor wearing anything around their nose and mouth.

Oct 22, 2018

Family Trip To Arizona and Road Trip There

Family Trip To Arizona and Road Trip There With 12 Towns Visited

Throughout the year we take many short trips and a couple of longer family trips. One of the longer trips is usually a beach vacation the other is national travel for about a week. This way we get diversity in our travels and have some fun experiences beyond just the beach.

Oct 12, 2017

Family Trip with Kid to South Carolina and Georgia - Part 2

Family Combo Trip with Flight and Road Trip


Oct 9, 2017

Family Trip with Kid to South Carolina and Georgia

Family Combo Trip with Flight and Road Trip

Recently we took advantage of some holidays and made our way down south. We visited Charleston in South Carolina and Savannah in Georgia.

Jan 30, 2017

Family Road Trip Getaway To Snowy Hudson Valley

Family Getaway To Snowy Hudson Valley

My wife's birthday was earlier this week. For birthdays we do not give things, but instead, we have decided awhile ago to give each other experiences. Tangible gifts are for other times of the year. For this celebration, and since we have not taken a long vacation in awhile, we took off three days during the week to go up North to the Hudson Valley, specifically New Paltz and the grandiose resort Mohonk Mountain House. Below is our experience and travel and gadgets tips.

Getting There

Dec 13, 2016

Holiday Family Road Trip in Northeast

Holiday Family Road Trip in Northeast

This weekend we took a road trip to Northern New Jersey. Ultimate goal of the trip was to get our holiday tree from in-laws house. The trip had multiple stops each with holiday filled activities.

Our first stop was in Chester, NJ. We first went to the Festival of Trees that was held in a barn as a fundraiser for the local community. There were more than 60 holiday trees decorated in various themes, including international travel:

Sep 16, 2014

Family Weekend Getaway for the First Time

family getaway vacation
Family Weekend Getaway for the First Time
To finish off a great summer with lots of first, we took our first family road trip as our little one turned 6 months. We drove up to Pocono Mountains region in Pennsylvania where we enjoyed local fair and stayed overnight. It was an inexpensive family mini vacation.

First stop on our kiddos first road trip, was a winery. Of course.
We went to Mountain View Vineyard to sample some of their wines. They also have a distillery with flavored vodkas. We arrived there early, before the place even opened as we were planning to feed the baby before hand so she would be nice and full and less fussy. It worked at least for half of the visit. While waiting for the place to open and getting some food, we met a big dog that turned out to be quite friendly. And also met a rooster, which turned out to be the bad-ass of the place and we were warned, after the fact, to not let him get to close to us.

dog chasing chickens

There was good wine at this winery but no phone service. We have Verizon as the provider, and we barely had any bars. This rarely happened in many of our travel. We were trying to look up the address of the next winery and could not get to it. Since we were not too far from our home base, I didn't even think about doing the Google Maps offline ahead of time. We did get pointed to correct way by some of the locals and were on our way.
Next stop was the (Sorrenti) Cherry Valley Vineyard. Unfortunately, on their site and other marketing they chose to exclude Sorrenti from the name, hence why it was so hard to find.
The food there was great, we enjoyed our pizza with some sangria and bread sticks. The property is spread out and has a fountain, gazebo, and lots of sitting areas.
The wines are ok, though well made. Though the wine servers were impersonal and standoffish. Which dampened the experience quite a bit.

While in the car we had some kids gadgets along. A very helpful one that I use even on shorter trips around the town is the mirror that you can view in your rear-view to see your kin in a back facing carseat. The one we have, BRICA In-Sight Magical Firefly Mirror, also has entertainment for the little one with music lights and shapes. It comes with a remote, so that I can easily turn it on from the front seat. One caveat, is that it has to be manually turned on before starting the drive, which is actual an OK feature, though would have like on/off button on the remote.

Overnight we stayed at the Holiday Inn. At check-in we were able to upgrade to a Jacuzzi room for less than $10. The room looked great. It was huge, see picture below. Just enough room for 3 of us :)

holiday inn hotel room

The bathroom could have been cleaner. There were some hairs around it and some small stains left over. Overall, the place looked clean

The phone chargers came in handy. I was charging my phone throughout the trip via the Griffin Dual USB Car Charger in the car and my wife powered up hers with Pebble Smartstick 2200mAh Portable Charger and with the Griffin USB AC Adaptor in the room. It saved a lot of time and worry while traveling and not having to look out for the power remain percentage.

While those are great, I have updated our mobile charger just recently. We got the Mophie Powerstation that has 4000mAh

The next day, our first stop was a butterfly farm. I have never been to one of these, and we were both wondering what the kiddo's reaction is going to be since she is so little. It was quite an experience. There were a whole lot of pretty free flying butterflies. She loved every moment of it. It was fun for an entire family

The following stop was the Largest County Store. That was also an experience. A whole lot of space filled with all kinds of stuff

We had one more stop afterwards at a winery. This time at The Big Creek Vineyard, where we met one of the owners and had a nice sampling of their wines as well as a chat. We ended up getting a couple of bottles for the road home as their wine was good and their atmosphere was pleasant.

Other gadgets that we had with us in our trusted Lowepro Passport bag:
Canon Rebel XSi DSLR Camera
TP-LINK Wi-Fi Range Extender
iPhone cable
Blue Panasonic Lumix waterproof camera for selfies and just quick shots

None of this is sponsored, except for amazon links. All opinions are my own

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