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Mar 16, 2017

Time To Relax And Take A Vacation, America

Time To Relax And Take A Vacation, America

50% Of American Do Not Take Vacations

Summer time is vacation time for a lot of folks in the Northern hemisphere. Though in U.S. there are fewer and fewer people taking full vacations. And that is not a good idea:
10 Reasons You Cannot Afford Not To Take A Vacation
9 Reasons To Take A Vacation ASAP, According To Science
4 Scientific Reasons Vacations Are Good for Your Health
More than half of US workers didn’t use up their time off last year, sacrificing 662 million vacation days

Not only should you go on the vacation, you should also plan ahead for the relaxation and decrease the stress of leaving your work and things behind. Instead of tracking every day you take off for vacation, sickness, or other reasons, these companies put it on the employee to figure out when and how many days to take off. And it seems at least for some folk it is having a reverse effect where they are more afraid to leave their work behind and take off. Though that is exactly what you should be doing and taking advantage of the days. Planning ahead and notifying and working with your manager and your team in terms of anything outstanding and coverage would make it a lot easier and better for everyone involved. This way you will be able to fully relaxed and leave your computer at home and there will be continuity in your workplace so you don't come back to a complete bottleneck.

Here are some stats to help you start packing your bags:

Some gadgets to take along to help relax:
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Unknown said...

These stats are always very frustrating to me. I consistently try and educate friends that travel can be affordable, yet they still let those vacation days go. I hope that our society encourages travel more in the future.

TravelTechGadgets said...

Same here. And hope so too. Travel is important, now more than ever. And as my grandpa advised me a long time ago, do it while you can and not when you cannot.

Unknown said...

I've experienced this first hand - an American guy who took a sabbatical from work (which was only 3 weeks) still managed to work pretty much every day of his trip! Definitely something I wasn't used to seeing before!

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