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Mar 13, 2017

Travel Gadget Review - Maxboost iPhone Screen Protector

Travel Gadget Review - Maxboost iPhone Screen Protector

Maxboost iPhone Screen Protector provides a full kit:
- Wet wipe
- Dry wipe
- Sticker for removing remnants (dust-absorber)
- Sticker for holding a proper alignment (guide sticker)
- Clear directions with pictures

For our first smartphones, we bought the cases and protective covers at the cellular store. With the screen in full view, unlike flip phones, we knew it was too easy to damage. So we wanted to protect the purchase right away. We also got them installed there.
At the cellular store, the packages for the covers contained only the screen protector. Usually, the sales associate had to look for a wipe to put on the plastic. And they didn't do such a great job with several bubbles on the both phones. 

Maxboost protective cover is plexiglass. It is a bit thicker than the film we had prior, but only by a few millimeters. 

The cover is easy to apply after following all of the steps shown in a small two-page guide. The instructions are relatively simple. And if you go through each one, it comes out great, with no bubbles. 99% of the time from my experience.

At this point, it has become an extensive experience since I have to replace my wife's cover every couple of months. I bought Maxboost on Amazon for my phone first and replaced with no issues or bubbles. After seeing that, my wife asked me to do the replacement on her phone as well after getting the same kit. She puts her phone through a lot, and the only thing that comes out battered is the protective cover. The phone's screen is still in great shape.

Oh, and the price is great. It is on Amazon for just $7.99

Why good to have on a trip:
- keep your phone clear of scratches
- protects the screen from dirt and small accidents
- the touchscreen is fully available
- works well with a case for all around phone protection
- following instructions, it is easy to replace if need be after a trip

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