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Aug 7, 2017

Traveling With Smartphone - Know Where To Turn To Get It Fixed

Traveling With Smartphone - Know Where To Turn To Get It Fixed

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A smartphone is the number one gadget on most traveler's lists to take along on a trip. It is also a device filled with a lot of valuable and important information. We want to always be able to access it without any issues whenever and wherever needed.

Though traveling with this somewhat fragile gadget, come bumps, bruises, and cracks.
There are many phonebies walking around. They might be fully glued into their phone and walk right into you while you are briefly looking at yours. And both of the phones have a great chance to become Frisbees. And with a lot of new high-end phone made of glass, the result will likely be a cracked screen.
Also while traveling, you are likely to end up in a few touristy areas. Those folks also sometimes resemble zombies or herd or tree trunks. And the collisions become inevitable. The phone gets knocked out of your hand. It falls. It hits the ground and you yelp and hope that its only minimal damage. However, your screen is pretty much shattered. What do next? Get a new phone?
No, it can be fixed without having to replace the entire device nor having to wait and deal with a supposed Genius or Geek Squad.
Get it fixed by certified technicians that come to you from Puls. They provide affordable cell phone repair at your location in 30 minutes!

Quick, affordable & certified cell phone repair service at your door. Schedule now!

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Puls provide:
» Will fix the device within 2 hours of contacting them
» No hassling with finding a shop near you, they come to you
» Lifetime warranty on every repair
» Pay after the repair is 100% complete
» Service is nationwide
» Open 7 days a week

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