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Sep 14, 2017

6 Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

And How To Avoid Them (click to tweet)

When traveling, things happen. By preparing ahead of time you can avoid some of the most common mistakes travelers make:

Common Travel MistakesPresented by Grand European Travel

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Rusthawk said...

It took me a while to learn not to pack for worst scenario, and that was my mantra every time I traveled. I would always end up lugging a ton of stuff around that I never even unpacked. Now I take the bare minimum and somehow it always works out. My daughter just took a trip to Peru with ONE backpack, and although I shudder at the thought she managed quite well.

TravelTechGadgets said...

@Rusthawk we have the same issue, try to pack minimal but end up with more stuff that actually needed. Especially traveling with a little one we usually over pack with just-in-case items. Though the older she gets, fortunately, the less items there are.

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