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Sep 18, 2017

We Experienced The Future And It Was Full Of VR and Bugs

World Fair Nano

For the first time ever we checked out the World Nano Fair. Until this year we have not heard of it, so it was great to find out and jump at the chance to attend. We had a great time. There was a lot to see and try

There were a lot of Virtual Reality exhibits. First one we tried was flying a Pal-V car. It is a car and a helicopter in one. It is a concept flying car that is getting to production in Europe and coming over to U.S. The price of this futuristic vehicle is around $400,000. As the rep said in terms of the price being compatible to buying a house: "You can sleep in this car, but you cannot fly a house."

Solar Car

Then got to see these robots dance around and react to touch

This is augmented reality. By moving the phone over the Sharks NHL team's logo, the shark comes alive. It was swimming and moving on the screen. The company Zeality, has contracts with several different teams from different sports to augment their existing apps.

One of the coolest things we got to do at the Fair was 3D doodling. Using a 3D pen you can create anything you want. There are templates available to design your own 3D glasses and other shapes. Or you can just doodle and come up with your own creations. Some folks were just playing around and then there were some that created full masterpieces, such as an Eiffel Tower (it was not me).

3D Doodling
Looking over to see a lady turn 3D doodle into a miniature Eiffel Tower
Back to Virtual Reality, I got to try our a racing game with a seat that fully reacts to what is happening in the game. It vibrates, moves, tilts just as you would if you were sitting in a race car.

There was also a large display for Future of Food.

We got to sample various foods and beverages that are created with new technology or developed with "new" ingredients. One of those ingredients were crickets. While they are new to U.S., they have been a delicatessen in Eastern world for a long time. We sampled some chips and other snacks that had crickets as part of their main ingredients.

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Sara said...

VR stuff is very cool, this looks like a fun place to visit.

TravelTechGadgets said...

@Sara it was fun, I will definitely be booking the tickets once they are available for next year

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