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Apr 16, 2018

The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi and How To Protect Yourself

Travel and WiFi They Go Together

Travel and WiFi go together, but it also brings a lot of danger when you are at home or traveling.

How does VPN work

Why good to have VPN on a trip:
» A VPN is essentially a private network that only you can access, so there’s no risk of theft or a data breach.
» Change the virtual location of your device (Hide my location)
» Disguise your IP address
» Protect your device from hackers
» Encrypt all of your internet traffic and use a safe, protected IP
» Access sites and apps that might have geographical restrictions
» Access banking or PayPal Abroad

Travel Tip:
» In a hotel, before connecting to any network while traveling, make sure it's a secure connection. Scammers can set up "free wi-fi" access points that route info through their computers.
» Many secure hotel Wi-Fi connections offer a two-step verification process that requires you to enter a password or at least a room number.
» Secure networks, or at least those actually associated with the hotel, list the name of the property or hotel chain in the network ID
» Hotels also advertise their wireless network on printed hotel materials. Be sure to ask the front desk which preferred network you should connect to and how to access it once you're on the property.

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