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Sep 6, 2018

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Pedal Boats on Lake, Pool Time, and Labor Day Labor

Family Travel Ideas From Our Trips

This weekend started out with a trip to the park. We went paddle boating on the lake. We have not done that since when we were dating.

We purchased a single paddle boat that has two seats and the kiddo is supposed to ride the middle bump. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they did not have any singles available to get into when we at the launch pad. Instead, we were offered a double for the same price. There are 4 seats in these and they take a bit more leg power to move since there are for four adults. We decided to give it a go.

It was a great exercise. Our legs were buzzing after all of the paddling. Even the little one helped out with it. Overall, though it was a great experience. The weather was great with a bit of a breeze that made it more tolerable to out in direct sun. During the ride, we got to enjoy the vast greenery, some lake flowers, and even turtles warming up in the sun.

The following day we went to a local pool as we bought passes but have not yet used them. We swam there for a couple of ours. Kiddo majorly surprised us by starting to swim on her own. She has been swimming for years with the Puddle Jumper and has become very used to it and independence in the water. Since we were in the pool with no waves and, at first, not too many folks around, we thought we start getting her used to being in the water without it. We never expected her to just start paddling and swimming on her own. It was for small distances and duration, but she progressed quickly and was able to hold her self in the water. We were proud mama and papa.

On Labor Day, to be completely transparent, I was doing labor. Cleaning the entire house, vacuuming and washing the floors and dusting, and doing laundry. We had a lot of fun two-thirds of the weekend and needed to get some stuff done. Thought once all was done, we did get to enjoy the second half of the day by going out to dinner to a newly opened Pan Asian restaurant and watching The Flintstones the movie. Great end to a busy weekend.

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