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Dec 13, 2018

Happy Holidays - Tips and Ideas For Fun and Safe Travel

Happy Holidays -
Tips and Ideas For Fun and Safe Travel

Holiday travel is busy. Here we will put together some holiday travel tips that would make it a bit smoother to plan and pack for your travels.

Google is looking to make travel planning around the holidays easier by providing the vast amount of data it has around various highest traveled times of the year.
Using its Google Trends engine, it has set up a landing page where you can review travel trends from the same time period you are looking for and compare to last year. For instance, if you are planning to travel around Christmas and going from New York to Los Angeles, the results will show you the average flight costs during the time period and between those specific cities. Additionally, you would be able to see info on hotel deals and what to do in your destination.

Traveling This Holiday Season by Google

Get the seat you want and avoid the dreaded middle seat
Up your chance of escaping being stuck in the middle seat by setting a free alert on You select the type of seat you prefer (window or aisle) and your flight number. When a seat that meets your needs opens up, you’ll get an e-mail. Then you can go to the airline’s website and change your assignment.

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