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Oct 21, 2019

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Yacht Cruise

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas:
Private Charter Yacht Cruise

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My Bucket List:
» Drive a luxury sports car, Lamborghini
» Fly on a hot air balloon
» Fly a plane
» Sail on a Yacht - as of now, also done
» Standup paddle boating
» Kayaking with the kiddo
» Route 66 (partially)
» Ride in a helicopter
» ...

I have been wanting to sail on a boat, other than a huge cruise liner for awhile. And my wife surprised me with the experience. And what a surprise it was.

First of all, she kept the actual event a secret until the day off. Even when we were driving to it, with me at the wheel, she did not reveal what we were going to do. I had a hunch that it will likely be something on the water, though I had no idea about the actual event.
When we got to a marina, my suspicions were confirmed that we were going on a boat. There were many boats docked, and I thought we would be sailing on one of these. Instead, we kept walking past all of these boats to the end of the dock. There, stood a 45-foot yacht. It turns out we were going to sail on that!

The ship and the experience were awesome. We took a private sail with just us, the captain, and his first mate (his wife). The captain let me drive the 45-foot luxury yacht for almost an hour. I got to control the heading and going in between buoys within a channel.

My wife also packed and brought along a great picnic spread for us to enjoy on the boat

As the sun was coming down, I let the captain take over so we can enjoy the sunset sitting at the bow of the yacht. It turned into a romantic family getaway. Kiddo loved exploring the entire boat and climbing through the porthole. She also got to enjoy many snacks on the board, drawing, climbing, and sailing. We enjoy sailing, sunset, talking without interruptions, and enjoy some exceptional views around us.

After sailing, we were hungry and in the mood for some seafood. Less than five minutes' drive from the marina there is a seafood restaurant, Jordan's Lobster Bar. It came highly recommended and we ventured over there for dinner. They had several versions of lobster rolls on the menu. We got a Connecticut and Main lobster rolls. They were delicious.

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