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Jul 27, 2020

Weekend Family Travel - Baby Gadgets & Essentials

family travel baby gadgets essentials

Family Travel with Baby, What to Pack

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What to pack when traveling with a baby? It is a top question when getting ready for a short family outing or a longer family vacation. You want to make sure that you have all of the essentials with you to make the baby comfortable and your life a bit easier. We have not had this question in a bit, though we do now once again ;)

Below are some of the baby travel gadgets and accessories that we take with us on just about every trip. Most of these have been tried and tested from the first kiddo and some are new or upgraded versions that we have found out as we were searching for new travel arsenal.

Let us know what essentials do you usually pack for your kids?

Jun 22, 2020

Weekend Family Travels - Park Sanctuaries Lakes BBQ Travel

weekend family travel

Family outdoor travel during the lockdown

We are continuing our family getaways even if they are not far from home. This way we get out of the four walls. Get some fresh air. Stretch our legs, minds, and lungs. And even get some exercise.

Apr 27, 2020

Weekend Family Travel - Our Trips Outside

Or How to Venture Outside Safely and Healthy

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We love each other. But it is hard to be cooped up all of us in the same apartment for 24 hours 7 days a week. It is a lot. We don't have a huge house with a backyard, yet, where we can lose each other. So being within the close proximity for this long with no breaks is a lot.
To reset ourselves, get fresh air, and exercise, we have ventured out to State Parks. It was a great idea that came out of necessity. The nearest park to us has been closed. We walked around the park but that got boring quickly as there is no space to play and there are quite a few people still walking around not following social distancing nor wearing anything around their nose and mouth.

Oct 21, 2019

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Yacht Cruise

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas:
Private Charter Yacht Cruise

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My Bucket List:
» Drive a luxury sports car, Lamborghini
» Fly on a hot air balloon
» Fly a plane
» Sail on a Yacht - as of now, also done
» Standup paddle boating
» Kayaking with the kiddo
» Route 66 (partially)
» Ride in a helicopter
» ...

Apr 29, 2019

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: Day On The Intrepid

Weekend Family Travel & Ideas: The Intrepid Sea & Space Museum

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Over the weekend, we took a trip to the Intrepid Sea and Space Museum. Intrepid is an aircraft carrier built during World War II and has been docked in the New York harbor and is now a fixed museum that includes the ship, planes on its top deck, and space exploration exhibit. The excursion was interesting for the kiddo as well as us. There was a lot to learn and see throughout the ship and at the dock. The admission price includes the Space exhibit and the submarine.

Oct 22, 2018

Family Trip To Arizona and Road Trip There

Family Trip To Arizona and Road Trip There With 12 Towns Visited

Throughout the year we take many short trips and a couple of longer family trips. One of the longer trips is usually a beach vacation the other is national travel for about a week. This way we get diversity in our travels and have some fun experiences beyond just the beach.

May 1, 2018

Second Go Family Travel to Aruba - Making Up The Experience

Second Go Family Travel to Aruba - Making Up The Experience

Our first trip to Aruba was not great. See our posts about it here: Aruba - First Family Trip South - Summer Continued and Aruba - Family Vacation - Gadgets and Accessories

A lot of people talked about and recommended Aruba saying they enjoyed it and it was great for family travel. We remembered from our experience small, almost non-existent, beach, rocks when entering the water, very humid and hot, and not great service.
Since our plans to travel to St. Marten were messed up due to the devastating storms that hit the islands, we had to update our plans. And Aruba was an easy one to one switch as our travel agent had a very similar package available for the location. So we decided for a redo of our Aruba experience

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