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Jan 20, 2020

Weekend Family Travel - Trip To A Christmas Village

Weekend Family Travel - Trip To A Christmas Village

Over the holiday week, we took a 4-day trip to an area in Pennsylvania that is a definition of a holiday village. There are many little shops there selling all kinds of decorations, home and kitchen gadgets, arts and crafts, as well as honey, popcorn, and beer.

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The village is called Peddlers Village. For the holidays it is decorated in lights throughout. Every building and every tree has lights on it. Right before the holidays, there are also a lot of events and Santa Clouse is in town. We, unfortunately, we just missed the big fellow as he left town a day before we arrived. Assuming to get ready for his big night of delivering all of the presents. Nonetheless, we had a fun time and enjoyed great food and sights.

Peddlers Village Holiday Decor


We stayed right next to the village in the Golden Plough Inn. It is literally just around the corner from the village. The owners of the inn also own the property of the Peddlers Village. The inn has great decor. It is a classic victorian style interior. There is a sitting area next to reception with couches and a fireplace.
The room we got was in the corner, which made it quite. Also, it had a slanted ceiling, meaning there were no other rooms above us. It was not big, but spacious. The bathroom was well maintained, bright, and clean.


On the first day in the Village, after walking through a few shops and checking out the scenery, we were famished and went to a restaurant on premises called Cock & Bull. It was a great spot for lunch. It is a family-style large restaurant that is great for groups and kids. They have a large American fair type of menu that includes various burgers, sandwiches, chicken pot pie, grill cheeses and such.

The next day, we went to Earl's for lunch. It is an upscale restaurant with a great menu for lunch or dinner. As we had a relatively small breakfast this day, we ordered a big lunch here that included steak, spinach side, baby potatoes, and a custom cheese platter requested by our kiddo. She has been dreaming of one since she saw there were wineries around and these days she associates those with a cheese platter. Mom and Dad get to sample wine and she gets to enjoy some cheese.

To get some of the energy out for the kiddo and get her ready for more shops visiting, we went to Giggleberry Fair indoor playground. It is a kid's place with a huge climbing area, games, and a carousel. Our kiddo had a blast and we had some to just the two of us as the area if fully inclosed and only has one exit.

Nina's Waffles & Ice Cream was our spot for a late dinner and also breakfast on our last day in town. I was one happy traveler.

Right within the Inn, there is Buttonwood Grill. If you are staying at the hotel, you don't even need to go outside to go into it. We had breakfast there a couple of times and enjoyed some omelets, bacon, and pancakes.

The Lucky Cupcake for sweet tooth spot. It has a robust selection of cupcakes, cookies, and hot chocolate

Lambertville Station Restaurant
This was a hard-to-get-into restaurant. The reservations were not that easy to get as it is booked in advance. We happened to squeeze in through pure determination to dine at this establishment. The venue and the meal were quite good. We did have a complaint about the water we received at the restaurant. We had some drinks and water at the bar and it was fine. When we received water at the table, it tasted terrible. Turned out to be the ice that was placed in it. We opted for sparkling water instead.

Marsha Brown Restaurant. This restaurant is located within the town of New Hope and resides within a church building. The fair it serves was quite surprising. It was a New Orleans style seafood menu with cajun seasoning. The shrimp sandwich we got was huge brimming with shrimp and delicious if a little spicy. And as many restaurants that we visited in the area, it was kids and family-friendly with a full kids menu.


Town of New Hope

The town of New Hope is right on the river. It has some great views as can be seen below. It was a great spot for family travel, sightseeing, and picture taking. We also fed some ducks and saw one that was unique.

New Hope Train Station

Gingerbread Houses Competition

During the week they had an ongoing display of gingerbread houses made by kids and adults. There were many ribbons given out and there were quite a few amazing houses. A lot of families with kids were looking at the house and it was great to see how the kid's eyes widened with each one.

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